Brew Review – NOBO Brewing, June ’22

It’s funny that we released the episode of the Florida Beer Podcast with our interview with NOBO Brewing co-founder Tim Dornblazer weeks ago. Weeeeks ago.

I’ve been speaking with him for years, I’ve been drinking his beer for years, and it’s not like the brewery hasn’t been on my radar. I was just happy that it was finally time to sit down with the man and actually hear his story, plus record it so that we can broadcast it for all to hear.

The beer coming out of NOBO has been doing a great deal of talking, however, and it’s relatively hard to ignore this point. So Producer Steve and I, plus a lot of other friends (we ended up having quite the entourage that day) finally went out to sit down and enjoy a few beers and talk to the man himself.

It was a great interview. It should also be noted, the beers were spectacular as well:

What’s My HAZE Again? (NEIPA, 8.4% ABV, 68 IBU) – Hang tight for this hop list, because it’s a doozy. Centennial, Citra, and Mosaic in the boil, and a double dry hop of Idaho 7, Mosaic, Citra, and Belma. There’s a lot going on in this beer, and the taste is just like you would think it is. Actually, interestingly enough, the citrus flavors are a touch muted. They’re present but not overpowering, not brutal, and while there is also a slightly bigger hit of citrus and flowery bitterness, it’s not too much. This is very much a hazy IPA for people that want to be more on to the IPA side of things, but it’s definitely going to support a wide range of drinkers.

Since National Bourbon Day (and Father’s Day) had just passed, we were able to get a snifter of Jim Beam Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout, 13% ABV). And was this thing ever thick. Basically a slightly watery motor oil, with some of the most amazing flavors concocted. Not only bourbon, but all the wonderfully decadent imperial stout coffee and chocolate qualities it could muster. Absolutely decadent and well worth the wait.

Double Ecstatic Cashmere (DIPA, 8.6% ABV) – I do find it interesting how much I am forced to continue to highlight Cashmere on this blog. This is not because it’s a good hop, which it undoubtedly is, but because so many brewers seem to be using it. And this Double IPA definitely used Cashmere in abundance. Cashmere tends to not be a fruity hop; it’s very floral and has a soft muted quality in the bitterness as the name would suggest. Use enough of it, though, and the bitterness will start to amplify. It still contains a lot of its soft floral qualities (think a Valentine’s Day bouquet), but it definitely lent itself to a more resiny and flavorful and DIPA.

Hopefully you have all been able to listen to the episode of the podcast as it was released a few weeks ago. It was a blast recording it, as Tim and his team are undoubtedly fantastic with what they do. With some interesting plans that will hopefully be on the horizon soon, it was great to hear about everything going on with them and hopefully we’ll be able to continue hearing great things about them for years to come.

But seriously, it was a good episode. Listen to it.


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