Brew Review – Tivvy Tmavé by BarrieHaus Beer Co.

It’s been a while, but the last time I went to BarrieHaus Beer Co., the lager wonderland in Ybor City, I was with my beloved daughter. I knew I had to get something to go, and I let her choose because, why not?

When faced with a bunch of various labels, one of which contains a cat riding a rainbow-trailing bag of malt through space while holding a mash paddle, and you ask a 6-year old girl to choose which beer you want, you’re getting the beer with the cat riding the rainbow-trailing bag of malt through space holding a mash paddle.

That beer is Tivvy Tmavé (Tmavé Pivo, 5.5% ABV).

Before we talk about the beer itself, let’s talk about the name. The first part, Tivvy, is actually short for Tivoli, the name of the brewery cat at BarrieHaus. You guessed it, that seems to be Tivoli riding the rainbow-spewing bag of malt through space while holding a mash paddle.

As for the Tmavé, it is Czechoslovakian for dark. And that’s exactly what this is, a Tmavé pivo (which, funnily enough, translates simply to dark beer). It’s a lager that is incredibly popular in the country, just behind their storied pilsners.

And it is dark, a beautifully deep, deep, deep brown color with a wonderful aroma of toasted pumpernickel, walnut, cashew, and an earthy rich hop aroma. The flavor leans into that malt richness even more, with a wonderful deep roasted toasted ready flavor bursting with nuts and just a touch of coffee notes as well.

It is wonderfully deep and just a touch on the warming side (a signature of the style), and contains a great rounded flavor that was nicely crafted with their kitty in mind.

In the end, my daughter got to pick out a cute can and I got a fantastic beer. Not that we should be creating labels to attract children, but it did very well for me in this instance. And as long as I don’t let her try any, which I don’t, BarrieHaus can keep putting pictures of Tivoli on all of their cans.

Riding a bag of rainbow-spewing malt through space while holding a mash paddle.


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