Brew Review – Astronomical Axolotl by Ology Brewing

Axolotls are everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere.

Video games, backpacks, figurines, there’s even a gigantic stuffed axolotl on my couch my daughter loves, mostly because it’s roughly the same size as my daughter.

If you’ve never heard of axolotls, I’m not entirely shocked. Up until a few years ago they were almost completely unheard, at least in the US. Axolotls (pronounced AXE-oh-lot-uhl) are kind of Mexican fish lizard with a fluffy, almost Elizabethan-looking collar around their necks.

They look to be smiling all the time, even though they are critically endangered in the wild due to decreasing habitat and their inclusion in the Aztec diet.

But they are cute, they are foreign sounding, and therefore pop culture has latched on and will probably not be letting go anytime soon. I was also very happy to see they also made their way into inspiring craft beer with Astronomical Axolotl (Berliner Weisse, 6% ABV) from Tallahassee’s Ology Brewing.

I’m not sure how the Axolotl inspired this incredibly tart and face puckering berliner, but there you go.

This dessert-forward berliner pours a hazy and bright burgundy color, with a strong blackberry cheesecake aroma.

The flavor is tart. Super tart. Hyper tart. Amazingly tart.

Once the tartness goes (which it never does completely), the berry and strong cheesecake flavors finally take hold. And yes, those cheesecake flavors are incredibly delicious and creamy and flavorful, even as your tongue relaxes from the tart acidic onslaught.

What’s amazing is that it is very strongly cheesecake and not just a standard vanilla flavor. I would love to know how OIogy managed to recreate that flavor in the beer.

But it’s Axolotl, and it’s even got a cute space axolotl on the label art. Will this be a whole axolotl series? I certainly hope so, and if Ology is reading, I would love to know which axolotl is coming next.

I can collect them like Pokémon, although I’m sure there’s a Pokémon axolotl somewhere out there.


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