Brew Review – Dan Flashes by King Fox

It’s raining and thundering pretty strongly as I write this, and with a beer with the name like Dan Flashes, for some reason the only thing that has come to my mind is Lightning Crashes from Live.

Not that I’ve heard that song on the radio at all in the past 20 years, but it just came up.

I will say, when I picked up a can of Dan Flashes (Double IPA, 8.6% ABV) from King Fox Brewery owner Luis Cortina, he was super proud of the fact that he had designed the label art himself.

Actually, he’s been designing all the labels himself, which I completely support and understand.

He was proud of Dan Flashes, and when I saw the label art I thought it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life.

If you grew up in the ’90s, you understood the critical importance of having the absolute best screensaver on your computer that was possible. Flying Toasters was a good start, but didn’t quite carry the dramatic impact of something such as the pipe creation.

Basically, the screen saver started and little pipes of color would eventually draw themselves into a massive 3D wonderland.

That’s what you have on the label art for this beer, and it is glorious.

The beer is glorious as well, since Luis loves to push envelopes with his beers. As a Double IPA, it’s definitely more of a juice bomb than anything else.

Liberally double dry hopped with Citra, Amarillo, and Mandarina Bavaria hops, this beer presents a nice light golden color with a fruit explosion of an aroma that needed to be smelled to be believed.

It’s got tons of apple, honeydew, orange, and lime aromas bursting forth.

The taste leads with Citra’s well known and often uncontrollable citrus dankness. It’s what some people love the hop for, and here it’s used to great effect. But it also has some beautiful cantaloupe, papaya, honeydew, lemon, and grapefruit flavors that back it up.

It is as complex and busy on the fruit flavor side as those pipes are with the old school screensavers. It’s not to say that Luis skimped out in either way, with the label or the beer. You can tell he put a lot of thought into both and the final product is very well executed.

To be honest, now I have to take a look at my computer screensaver and see if I can download something better or myself.


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