Brew Review – Venue Kolsch by King State

Every time I look around in Tampa, it seems that there’s another place I have not been to and need to go.

It gets tough trying to blog about a place that you don’t go to very often. This is why i’m happy to get cans when I am able to.

Cans are the best way that somebody like me has to try beers from breweries such as King State. I’d recommend you take a look at them on Google, since the facility was clearly an old gas station and it’s absolutely hysterical and incredibly charming what they’ve done to the place.

They have quite a bit of street cred, and I was happy to have been able to find and spot and jump at the chance to get a can of Venue (Kolsch, 5.1% ABV, 24 IBU).

It’s an interesting call, since Venue keeps a lot of the great buoyancy without going heavily into the fruity flavors that kolsches can sometimes get from their hop profile. This isn’t necessarily a beer that is fruited, it just has a lot of juicy fruit flavors from the recipe.

Those aren’t really there. It just stuck to a refreshingly light malt bill that brought a crystal clear golden color and a light biscuity aroma.

The flavor is a touch sweet, not overpoweringly so, and uses the light malt bill to make a beer that ends up being very simple, very buoyant, and something that is incessantly sessionable. This is definitely a beer that has enough flavor to be enjoyed, but still keeps things light and repeatable.

And it was fantastic. It was flavorful in all the right places, did not exist in excessive overages, and I would be down to try as many more of their beers as I can get my hands on. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I just need to make sure that my gas tank is full, I sure can’t get any gas while I’m there anymore.

Drink Florida Craft,


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