Brew Review – American Wheat by Fort Myers Brewing

It’s sort of a perfect name.

If you really think about it, wheat is sort of ingrained in our national psyche.

Amber waves of grain and all that.

Plus, for as long as I have been blogging about beer, wheat beers have been a favorite of mine. I can actually remember the first Hefeweizen I properly sampled (Floridian by Funky Buddha, I can even remember the tour), and from then on wheat beers have always been a go-to when I want a brew but I’m not looking for anything heavy or involved.

Because of that, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for wheat beers such as the aptly-titled American Wheat (Wheat Ale, 5% ABV) from Fort Myers Brewing.

Should the beer label have been red, white, and blue? I guess you could give a good argument for that, but the reason you got those strong images of orange and tan is basically more representative of the beer in the can then the country the beer was brewed in.

It’s got a classic wheat ale profile, largely golden in color with some wonderfully light bready notes and a solid hit of citrus.

The solid base of Florida citrus gives both the aroma and flavor a nice sweet juicy added dimension, as well as inspiring that label art I spoke about.

A little bit more wheat and the prerequisite coriander, and this would probably be a tasty classic witbier. But all orange wheat beers don’t have to go the witbier route, this one did not, and it is just as fantastic regardless.

The light Citrus dusting gives it a wonderfully sweet flavor on the back end, and you get that more intense rind flavor on the finish.

It is definitely a beer that citrus lovers will enjoy, easy bodied beer drinkers will flock to, and I would adore having in my beer fridge on a regular basis.

If you absolutely need the American flag, I’m sure there are stickers somewhere we can put that on, but don’t let what’s on the outside negate how wonderful everything on the inside will be.

Drink Florida Craft,


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