Brew Review – Breezy by Mastry’s

I needed a little something today.

A little tropical pick me up from a long drudging day, as fall is quickly waning and Christmas has gotten here way, way, way too early.

This is still Florida, though, and our trees are palm trees gosh darn it.

And I just needed something a little tropical. What I decided on was Breezy (Blonde Ale, 5.5% ABV).

This comes from our friends at Mastry’s Brewing Company in St. Pete Beach, whom I have not had the chance to visit yet and I’m not totally sure why not.

The beer labels itself is a tropical blonde ale, which in most breweries parlance means “Look at this blonde ale that we adjuncted to hell and back.” Not here, what’s nice about this is a lot of the tropical qualities are from both the hops and the yeast.

Hops are Calypso and Zythos, and I’ve heard of the former. Never heard of the latter, so it’s time to do some research.

But the star here is the yeast: Norwegian Kveik, which is fast becoming one of my favorite brewing yeasts as I love everything that it can do. Kveik tends to ferment at much warmer temperatures than standard yeasts, and brings out a very pronounced lime flavor to the beers that it is used in.

That’s exactly what you get here. With a moderate orange color and hazy outlook, you get these aromas of lime, pineapple, and a touch of pine resin. The flavor really comes at you with papaya, lime, a little blood orange, and when those subside you get a big alpha acid explosion.

It’s nothing like Christmas, everything like Florida, and everything a tropical beer should and can be. It is exactly what I needed as we get closer to Halloween and closer to the boring, Un-Florida time of the year.

At least I have beers like Breezy to keep me warm.

Drink Florida Craft,


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