Brew Review – Special K by Invasive Species

They did what with a kolsch?

Look, the kolsch is one of my favorite styles. I absolutely adore it because it does a lot of things very beautifully. It’s a style that’s generally light and crisp, with very low hops and a beautiful sweet juicy flavor.

But Invasive Species, oh you Ft. Lauderdale brewery you. You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?

You just had to go and make something like Special K (Kolsch, 5.8% ABV).

Basically, Special K turned the standard kolsch into a haze boy by hitting it not only with a variety of ‘tropical’ hops (I’m sensing El Dorado in the mix), but smacking it with a little cryo hops at the end as well.

The kolsch recipe, as a whole, tends to be tropical anyways. Generally, you get flavors of pineapple, papaya, a little bit of mango as well. Not the citrus fruits, more the other fruity juicy flavors.

It’s those cryo hops, however, that brings some of the traditional hop and dank citrus flavors into the beer. Not excessively, not demandingly, just a light touch. And so you get this really interesting amalgamation of a hazy IPA and an incessantly crushable kolsch. It’s very light and breezy, very juicy, but it also has some of those hop qualities that you get when you go for the hazy beers.

In the end, they made a beer that was special, a beer that was unexpected, and an experiment that succeeded quite nicely. Will Invasive Species go crazy again on another style that has previously lay relatively untouched? You will have to see. My hope is if they do, this is enough of an invitation for them to let me know when the next experiment is unleashed from their fermentation tanks.

You crazy crazy bastards you.

Drink Florida Craft,


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