Brew Review – Colada Racing by Beat Culture

Woe to the person that says they love coffee and yet does not partake of the cafecito.

I’m sorry, Cuban coffee is just on another level. It’s not even playing the same game. It’s on some three-dimensional version of chess while most basic coffee houses are still playing Chutes and Ladders.

Those are big words, I completely understand, but the incredible mixture of sweetness and a caffeine that will raise the dead is something to be absolutely adored.

It is, rightly so, here in South Florida. Take, for example, Colada Racing (Imperial Stout, 10% ABV), one of the great coffee beers coming out of Miami’s Beat Culture.

Heck, they love it so much it’s even printed on the bottom of the can, Cafecito Time!

And if you’re not going to go for a sipper of the actual coffee, this beer is a wonderful facsimile thereof. It even pours thick and black like a proper cafecito should be.

Mind you, you’re pouring it into a pint glass and not the little disposable plastic thimble so beautifully illustrated on the front label.

Smelling this truly ambrosial beer is just a thing of beauty. It’s got an amazing deep roasted espresso aroma with notes of brown sugar, cream, vanilla, so much so that it’s almost like a coffee milkshake. It’s that sweet and decadent. And we haven’t even tasted it yet.

The flavor is just otherworldly. Sweet and creamy, luxurious and velvety, and when that subsides you’re left with a strong, eye opening espresso quality that is deep and incredibly flavorful.

I don’t know how many more adjectives I can throw at this beer, but trust me, there just aren’t enough. It is an absolute experience enjoy to behold. And while I’m afraid of the real thing, I think I’ll stick with beers like this that give me the best of both worlds.

Insanely caffeinated worlds.

Drink Florida Craft,


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