Brew Review – Cultural Appreciation by The Tank and Shojo Beer Co.

It is very rare that I get to feature a beer from a gypsy brewer on the blog. I never manage to be in the right place at the right time.

What is a gypsy brewer? Well, some people have their own brand but do not brew at any specific location, nor have beers at a place of their own. As such, they go around to brew on different systems, leaving delicious beers where they go.

One such brewer is Shojo Beer, the brainchild of Haidar Hachem and Marilyn Orozco. Head around Miami-Dade County and you’ll find plenty of places where they have popped up to make a beer now and again.

And looking at Miami-Dade, Haidar and Marilyn, the team at The Tank, there’s a lot of cultures being thrown around here. And it was great to see those all come together for a beer they labeled Cultural Appreciation (Schwarzbier, 5.5% ABV).

This I had never seen before. As a schwarzbier, you’ve got a dark lager on your hands. Not quite as thick and rough & tumble as, say, a porter, but still contains all of the wonderful rich and roasted flavors therein. But this beer, bringing an interesting Asian inspiration, was made with rice.

Rice and beer can go one of two ways. You can go the Macro way, at which time rice is used as a cheap adjunct to try and round out a malt bill for as little cost as possible, with the resulting sacrifices in flavor as well.

But when craft brewers use rice, and I’ve written about The Tank brewing using rice in their beers before, they tend to go for the more expensive, more flavorful varieties that really bring depth and nuance to the beers.

With this schwarzbier, that’s what you get. It’s got these big notes of cocoa and coffee, but also this wonderful nutty flavor that comes from the variety of rice that they used (judging from past experience).

It’s something I’ve come to love when a craft brewer uses a good rice in their beers, and that, above all else, coupled with my knowledge of how good The Tank is at making rice beers and my interest in trying Shojo Beer beers for the first time, led me to choose this one and I was not disappointed at all.

Whether it was The Tank or Shojo that made this so good, I’m not sure. Let’s be honest, it was the fact that they’re both excellent brewers that made this beer so good.

Beautiful to behold, nice and deep and dark with wonderful roasted flavors and a light body, it was literally everything that I could have asked for. Paired with a fine Plasencia cigar, I would gladly enjoy this again.

Drink Florida Craft,


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