Brew Review – Sorry Papa by Redlight Redlight and Lincoln’s Beard

“The year was 1792. Brent was gasping the GABF results live with his table, excitedly awaiting what were sure to be very smelly results.”

And so begins the Mad Libs-style label art describing a rather common and slightly infuriating story of Redlight Redlight owner Brent Hernandez apparently not winning anything at GABF.

This is not the time to talk about GABF and how holding it in Denver every year makes it difficult for brewers not in the Denver area to win quite as much. We can talk about both shipping and judge bias at a later time.

Frankly, medals aren’t everything and I know more than a few brewers that refuse to submit their beers for that very reason.

Look, Brent, I am not concerned about the medals, you should not be either, you just stick to making beers like Sorry, Papa (Belgian Pilsner, 5.5% ABV).

Now if there is any brewery that Orlando’s Redlight Redlight should (and does) feel a special kinship for, that would be Lincoln’s Beard, just off Bird Road in Miami. They’re both slightly off center and enjoy a fair amount of experimentation now and again.

And here we have the perfect example, an amazing pilsner that comes in with a hazy bright golden color and an aroma with light notes of orange and funk. Now the beer was bottle conditioned with a healthy dose of brettanomyces, and, in drinking, the brett gives a good amount of its signature flavor to the beer. It’s not overly sour but very gentle. Lightly punchy and lightly funky, almost as if somebody made a beer dry hopped with very earthy hops and then left that to sour. You get those earthy flavors and a muted, almost beefy bitterness, along with interesting flavors of lime and tangerine.

It’s very soft and delicate, but the flavors are pronounced and like to situate themselves nicely. It is a fantastic beer, well worth the considerable difficulty I had getting the cork off of the bottle. And well, well more of an accomplishment than any hardware could ever provide.

I mam definitely proud of Redlight Redlight. We all are.

You just keep making those amazing beers.

Drink Florida Craft,


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