Brew Review – Portate Serio Ome by Black Flamingo

I have known Black Flamingo’s founder and brewer Manny Jannes for many years and in that time, the man has been very good at two things: making amazing beers and putting very interesting Spanish beer names on those beers.

One of the first beers I ever tried of his had a English translation he wouldn’t totally give me. Once I figured it out, I completely understood why.

But it’s something that continues on and on with a brand new release of a silky smooth porter of his, Portate Serio Ome (Porter, 7.3% ABV).

I’m going to attempt what is possibly the worst translation ever, aided by Google Translate, to which I am sure that one of my Spanish speaking readers will be able to very quickly and happily translate for me. The first two words basically translate to bring and serious. The third one, ome, seems to be the word man in Colombian slang. But not man as in ‘I am a man,’ but man as in ‘Man, it’s going to be cold this weekend.’

As far as I can tell the entire beer is basically something along the lines of ‘being surprised that somebody brought something serious.’

Hopefully I can get something better in terms of translations in the very near future, but that’s kind of what I am going with right now.

But remember, these interesting Spanish names get attached to great beers, and this is no exception. This is a hazelnut nutmeg porter, and we start with the classic visual porter characteristics of a deep brown color with a beautiful caramel lacing on the glass and aromas that have strong coffee qualities, although there is a wonderful hazelnut sweetness that you get to sniff as well.

The flavor, however. This particular evening’s bartender made sure to tell me the flavor favors the nutmeg a little bit more and it has a bit of a spicy kick.

It’s spice spicy, not pepper spicy, but you still get a flavor that is interestingly deeper, less sweet, and more rough than the hazelnut aroma would anticipate.

All of that is attached to a malt bill that is very deep and very pumpernickel, with strong chicory and roasted Cuban coffee qualities. It’s an interesting flavor, not one that I had anticipated but one that I ended up enjoying quite a bit.

Hopefully my description of the beer was a lot better than my description of the name of the beer. I am sure that when somebody mercifully corrects me I can come on here and make an edit below.

Please help.

Drink Florida Craft,


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