Beer Review – Der Chancellor by Tequesta Brewing

This beer is sort of the epitome of the phrase “If you know, you know.”

It is life. It is eternal.

It is Palm Beach County in a 16-oz glass.

And it has been around for so long, I cannot remember a time writing this blog where it did not exist.

That beer is Der Chancellor (Kolsch, 5.3% ABV, 22 IBU) from Tequesta Brewing.

And it is beloved to the point where getting rid of it is simply not an option.

As Tequesta Brewing founder Fran Andrewlevich told me, which will be on an upcoming episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, part of the inspiration Der Chancellor was making a crossover beer. Basically, it was designed to be the kind of beer that macro drinkers would be willing to try on their baby steps into consuming something with a lot more flavor.

This is interesting, because this beer takes a good chunk longer to make. Very simply, the production process for Der Chancellor involves taking some of the wart out, boiling it on the side, and adding it back in to the mash tun. This gives the beer a slightly higher temperature and a little bit more sweetness.

While incredibly labor-intensive, it also makes for a flavorful beer. It has a crisp golden color, an aroma containing a big bouquet of lemon strudel and biscuit, and a slightly hazy complexion. The inside is a touch more earthy than your traditional fruit flavored kolsch, but it still has big notes of lemon, tangerine, pineapple and a bit of banana, coupled with some very nice earthy notes on the far back end.

It is simple and easy to drink, and its place as a staple in South Florida is very well deserved.

Will it go away? Absolutely not. It is here to stay, and Tequesta Brewing continues to make it less out of obligation and more to meet the incredible demand. And it’s worth it. It’s wonderful and everything somebody can expect coming from Florida Craft Beer.

At this point, the beer should just have a statue in downtown Tequesta. It’s that important.

Drink Florida Craft,


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