Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Hop Life Brewing

Why yes, I still have more Oktoberfest beers to write about.

And this is not the only one either, so just get used to it because blue and white checkerboard is still going to be showing up on the blog for a little while. And I want it to show up on basically every tap list from now until the end of time.

It’s just one of the best styles out there.

Interestingly enough this Oktoberfest (Festbier, 6% ABV) from Port St. Lucie’s Hop Life Brewing is being listed as a Festbier, but feels a little bit more like a Marzen.

It pours a deep caramel copper color, which tends to be more Marzen. The aroma has nice notes of apple and orange with a touch of caramel malt, once again leaving me a bit in more towards the latter. Regardless of which one it is, it is quite delicious.

Very light and buoyant, with a nice fruity ting coming from a malt bill heavy with two-row and a touch of caramel, with some nice light Noble hops to really bring flavors forward. And in that sweetness, it tends to lean in more in the Festbier side, since it’s a little bit fruity with some nice light apple and cherry notes, without the signature cherry tartness. It’s nicely sweet, and there is a bit of noble hopness that tends to linger a little bit.

In essence, there’s kind of a nice fall warmth to the flavor that does not come through with any heaviness on the beer, making it a great beer to consume basically year-round here in Florida. Oktoberfest styles tend to be a perfect combination of deeper flavors and lighter body. This means I’m going to keep reviewing the blue and white checker beers as long as I have them, and hopefully I will have them for a little bit longer.

Other than that I may have to wait until September before the next crop of Oktoberfest beers come through. Prost!

Drink Florida Craft,


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