Brew Review – Kith and Kin by High Springs Brewing

The funny thing is this is their 3rd Anniversary beer. I still have their 2nd Anniversary beer aging.

It’s interesting, my first visit to High Springs Brewing was when Kiffin Ayers, co-founder and Head Brewer, showed me what is their current facility, back when it was still its last days of being a welding shop.

In the resulting three-plus years that it was open, they have become much more than a brewery, growing to be a major focal point for the city of High Springs. And since Producer Steve is such good friends with the owners, I tend to get a lot of the good bottle releases from them whenever they come out.

As is the case with Kith and Kin (Imperial Stout, 11.2% ABV, 22 IBU), their Third Anniversary Imperial Stout.

This is a very classic Imperial Stout in every fantastic sense of the term. It pours like motor oil, jet black, with those amazing raisin and prune and coffee notes. But what you also get, which is fun, is no alcohol burn, no heavy booziness, no aggressive hopping, nothing like that.

You just get a pure, distilled (well, brewed, technically), wonderful malt experience that allows for some fantastically sweet and creamy notes to come through on a malt base that is buoyant and flavorful and sweet and bready and just absolutely wonderful.

This comes with a warning, as that 11.2% ABV is going to come at you and it’s going to come at you fast. It may hit hard, but the beer is still fantastic. It doesn’t need heavy adjuncts or barrel aging, It’s perfect just the way that it is.

All of this goes to show what this tiny little brewery in Alachua County is really doing for the craft beer Community as a whole, not just the city of High Springs. My hope is I can get there before their next anniversary. We will see if that happens, but I definitely cannot wait to get back there and visit again.

In the meantime, maybe it’s time for me to get that second anniversary bottle ready.

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