Brew Review – Nandes by Prison Pals

Growing up, I just assumed that the best place to go for beer was Germany. All the good beers were German and all German beers were good.

That being said, Germany is on my bucket list of countries to go to for beer. I would love to go, I would love to go to Oktoberfest, and I rarely have a German beer that disappoints at all.

Belgium, however, is slightly above Germany in terms of my current list of beer countries to go to, number one in fact.

Belgian and Belgianstyle beers are absolutely fantastic and, on occasion, you will find a brewery here in Florida that can make a killer Belgian beer.

Prison Pals in Doral may not be the first Brewery that you think of to make a good solid Belgian beer, but once you realize how much time their brewmaster spent in Europe studying beers like this, it becomes a surprise that a beer like Nandes (Belgian-Style Blonde, 7% ABV). Took so long to be released by them.

It’s literally what he spent his time learning to do, and that time is clearly evident.

The beer pours clear with a big Belgian nose, a little chardonnay kick on the back end, all enveloped in a bright yellow hue.

The flavor is bright with notes of pear, bubblegum, and juicy starfruit, with a body that is light and bubble with a moderate amount of carbing done to make the beer dance on the tongue.

Basically it’s all the great flavors that a good Belgian beer is known for. Nicely balanced and incredibly flavorful, with just the right mix of flavors and body.

This is what I love Belgian beers for, and to see it coming out of Doral makes it all the better.

Would I rather go to Brussels or Bruges? Of course. But Doral’s a much shorter trip, and this is a great way to enjoy some Belgian beers without necessarily getting my passport renewed.

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