Brew Review – Oktoberfest Marzen by Oviedo Brewing

There’s two things that are going to be unchangeable when it comes to Florida beer.

One, I’m going to drink Marzens year-round, and I will continue to do so until I don’t drink beer at all anymore.

Two, Oviedo Brewing is going to find some way to put a rooster on their cans.

I mentioned it in the first slightly-UCF themed beer of theirs I reviewed, and as their distribution continues to grow so does any number of prominent fowl on their cans. It’s part and parcel for how many birds tend to roam around in Oviedo, anyway.

I would continue on, but there is no reason for me to do so when I can very easily and very happily describe everything going on with this particular rooster emblazoned can, Oktoberfest (Marzen, 4.8% ABV, 19 IBU).

Even the can is blue, which is absolutely perfect. Do I understand the VW Bus said rooster is on? Not really.

Doesn’t matter, I’m drinking a marzen well outside of October and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

This particular one has a beautiful golden caramel color, slightly hazy, with big caramel and toffee notes that leap from the glass. The flavor is nicely sweet, a mixture of sweet bun and biscuit, with a nice caramel and molasses drizzle on the top.

It is fantastic, exactly the kind of thing I enjoy from the style and a perfect example why I will continue to love the style even though it probably drives some of you readers crazy. There’s other breweries that are continuing to make this style throughout the year, I shall support them, and I shall kick any roosters out of the way that try to block me from getting what I want.

Which is of course, a marzen. Or a rooster. Or both?

Drink Florida Craft,


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