Brew Review – To Space We Go by Unseen Creatures and Equilibrium

I don’t think there’s enough discussed about the logistics of a proper collaboration in craft beer circles.

I think most craft beer aficionados see that two breweries came together, usually at just one location, to throw some hops, take some pictures on Instagram, and go their separate ways.

This collaboration, with Miami’s Unseen Creatures and Equilibrium (located about half an hour north of the New York/New Jersey border), seems to have done a little of both.

It appears that batch one was brewed here in Florida, and then everybody traveled to New York to brew batch two. The most interesting thing about it, however, is the label art for To Space We Go (Double IPA, 8% ABV).

The art itself is very clearly done by Unseen Creature’s master artist. But with an Unseen Creatures label, all the information is on the side, as far as you can get it to the end of the label. With batch two, the one that was done in New York, you actually get part of the artwork shrunk down to put all of the information on the top center.

I’m not going to say which one I like more, I’m just saying that sometimes you let some amazing artwork speak for itself.

Beerwise, we have a Double IP on our hand. It pours like pineapple juice, but promptly hazes up and explodes with aromas of, well, basically a mimosa. It’s very strong with those orange qualities with a lot of pine resin working in the background to give it sort of a effervescent vanilla and champagne sort of kick.

The flavor of the beer is definitely along the lines of a milkshake IPA. Strata, Mosaic and Citra comprised the hop bill, and definitely some double dry hopping here giving a lot of the juicy haze qualities seen in a proper New England.

To the orange, there’s also a lot of pineapple and papaya; a lot of creamy, larger fruit flavors are in play here. If somebody told me they had also put in lactose and or vanilla, I would not be surprised. I don’t think that necessarily happened here, but it’s got a lot of those creamy mouthfeel qualities to it.

All around, I love the artwork, it’s great to be able to try something at least partially created by a brewery outside the state of Florida, but still with enough of that fruity goodness to scream Sunshine State. Will I be able to get to New York to try Equilibrium from the source? That remains to be seen. But I’m a big fan of Unseen Creatures and it’ll be great to see what they’re doing even if it’s just on their lonesome.

With lots of big artwork.

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