Brew Review – Batman by Prison Pals

Let’s just sidestep any potential for IP violation and talk merely about the joys of the Hispanic section at Publix.

If you look there (and this may actually spill over to the fruit juice section), they always have a fantastic lineup of nectars and purees.

Guava, mango, papaya and all sorts of awesome juices that I never saw growing up. This is what I am reminded of every time I crack open a smoothie sour.

To say it’s a strictly beer sort of beverage is a slight misnomer. We’re almost coming on a wholly different sort of beverage entirely.

Yes, it’s got a beer base as it’s alcohol component, but the product is very different. I mean take a look at Batman (Smoothie Sour, 5% ABV).

This pours that thick, chunky juice-like consistency that all those beautiful guava and papaya nectars have. And when you sniff, you’re not sniffing beer. You are sniffing guava. And lots of it. A little bit of pineapple and a little bit of tangerine as well.

The taste, well, let’s talk about the taste. If you are a beer purist and what you’re looking for is simple beer, walk away. You sort of knew this was not going to be the beer for you anyways.

If you’re looking for something quite delectable, this is absolutely it. If you’re at a brunch and it’s Sunday, I firmly expect you to have already had three of these by the time you read this article.

The fruits involved are tangerine, guava, and peach. It is an absolutely fantastic taste trio, with the guava taking point, letting the tangerine and the peach come in and turn things up a little bit once that guava taste subsides.

The mouthfeel also has a beautiful graininess that only guava and guava paste can impart. There’s a slight, almost extra effervescent Berliner Weisse flavor, and that sort of lemony goodness loves the tangerine. They like to play together quite a bit.

I know I’m a bit of a beer snob, but this is fantastic. It really does feel like a mimosa in a can. And I have more, which makes me happy. Of course, my only question is what fruit flavors are up next.

See? I can go the entire article without making it cheesy IP jokes this year. 🙂

Drink Florida Craft,


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