Brew Review – Jittery 2.0 by Side Door Brewing

There’s so many things that I would mention about this beer, talking about Side Door or Port St. Lucie, or the Treasure Coast, or a bunch of others topics.

I have to forgo a lot of that to describe what is quite possibly the best coffee beer I’ve ever had. And I say that with no shortage of irony.

Jittery 2.0 (Porter, 6.5% ABV) is an iteration of what looks to be their classic and beloved Jittery Coffee Porter.

I can safely assume you have an idea for what the experience is going to be like, and that still doesn’t come close enough. It pours a nice and deep brown, almost black color. When you finally get a hit of that aroma, it’s got a deep, slightly bitter, but also slightly sweet coffee quality. The notes manage to delicately pull the best of both of those out of the beans.

But in drinking, that’s just something else entirely. It’s almost like a coffee milk stout, but with the lactose on overdrive.

It has an incredibly creamy, beautifully velvet mouthfeel, with big roasted notes coming from both the coffee itself and a deep and varied malt bill. It is creamy, it is tasty, and I could not believe how good it was when I finally tried it.

And if this is a standard for them they like playing with, that makes me very happy to see.

I don’t know if I could handle going back there and not being able to try another pint.

Drink Florida Craft,


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