Brew Review – Wavy Weiss by Tequesta Brewing

When I go to a brewery that I technically have not set foot in before, and the ownership or Brewer (or both) asks me what I would like, I basically give them free reign.

It’s like going to a chef’s table at a fine restaurant. Why should I be bothered with my own ideas when you clearly know your product better than I do?

So I was at Tequesta Brewing for their 12th anniversary to record today’s episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, and owner and brewer Fran Andrewlevich asked me if I wanted a second beer after a pint of their signature Der Chancellor.

Since the first round did not disappoint, I let him go for it. And he came returned, setting a very iconic hazy golden ale in front of me. One sniff, and I knew exactly what he had given me: Wavy Weiss (Hefeweizen, 5.1% ABV, 12 IBU).

The Hefeweizen is a class of beer unto itself. And a proper Hefeweizen can be immediately discerned the moment you take a good inhale.

This is how I knew, as the Hefeweizen that was placed before me had beautiful banana and clove esters, practically swimming in a melange of bubble gum, cotton sock, and circus peanut.

All which I adore.

The taste was, in essence, fantastic. Classic and fruity, with an almost ice cream-like decadence with having big banana and spice characteristics playing on a bubbly and effervescent mouthfeel that practically dances on the tongue.

It is a true classic Hefeweizen for people that enjoy the style. I am of course one of them, and there was literally no more perfect beer to enjoy that afternoon.

Trust your brewers.

Drink Florida Craft,


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