Brew Review – I Know You, You Know You, and I Know You Know That I Know You by J. Wakefield Brewing and Charles Towne Fermentory

Hands down the longest beer name I’ve ever put on this blog.

And if it wasn’t for the label art, I would have absolutely no way to figure the reference, since I have sadly never seen the movie Dodgeball.

To be honest, there are many beers that cross my path whose names, or at least the references, I simply do not know. There’s plenty of Old School references out there, and more than enough other ones, but this was easy since the label art for I Know You, You Know You, and I Know You Know That I Know You (Northeast Style, 7% ABV) is literally written on a dodge ball.

That gave me all the clue I needed to find a very brief clip on YouTube with this particular line being said so perfectly well by Ben Stiller to Vince Vaughn.

That’s the most I saw, and it was enough before I had to write this blog post and, of course, enjoy this beer from brewers that just love to play with their hops.

It looks like Charles Towne headed down from their home in Charleston, South Carolina to Wynnwood with a suitcase full of Azacca, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops to put in this rather chewy and fruit forward New Englander.

It comes out nice and orange juice hazy, can’t see through it, with a lot of really great lacing in the glass and wonderful notes of grapefruit and orange on the nose.

The flavor has a lot of grapefruit, pineapple, mango, and maybe even a bit of peach in the back. This is carried on a velvety smooth mouthfeel that has some heft and chew to it as well. It’s definitely not a light, easy drinker, but one for sitting down and pausing and enjoying.

There’s a lot of fruit love in this beer, with maybe a nice light piney aftertaste that lingers a bit more than the fruit flavors do. Maybe it’s time for me to see the movie, not sure. I can definitely say this is much better than being hit with an actual dodgeball and I hope is that the rest of Ben Stiller’s performance will outshine what I can only assume is Vince Vaughn playing Vince Vaughn.

But let me enjoy the beer first before I try to jump into any of that.

Drink Florida Craft,


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