Brew Review – Peaches R Punk by Pareidolia Brewing

When it comes to taking a blonde ale and treating it with fruit, you get certain fruits that are on heavy rotation.

Usually berries: raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, things of that nature. If they’re small and tart, brewers are going to be using it sooner rather than later.

The larger that fruit gets, the less likely you are to see it.

There’s not a lot of lychee, I don’t think I’ve ever seen apple, pears are unheard of, and then there’s peaches. There just aren’t a ton of peach beers out there, and after having Peaches R Punk (Fruit Ale, 5.2% ABV), I don’t understand why.

This comes to us out of Sebastian, FL from the awesome tanks at Pareidolia Brewing and the mind of Pareidolia founder, co-owner, head brewmaster, and all-around hero to Florida craft beer Pete Anderson.

He made it, and I love the fact that he did because it’s just so good. The tight golden base, deep golden color, and the aroma is interesting. This is mainly because Pete mentioned (as I was getting a sample of this beer) that there is no vanilla or lactose in the recipe. But it sure smells like it does.

It’s got the juicy ripe peachness, but it almost smells like Peach flavored ice cream. It really has that aroma and he’s not sure why this happens every time they brew with peaches. But there it is.

And if you’re curious, yes. That flavor does go through in the beer. On a light and relatively crispy two-row malt bill, those peach flavors are incredibly juicy, incredibly fruity, and yet there it is. I’ve no idea where that vanilla flavors coming from, but it’s incredibly welcome.

It’s creamy and refreshing and light and flavorful, giving an added dimension to a wonderful warm weather beer.

I don’t know if Sebastian is really a lactose kind of town, but I would be interested to see what happened if you were to throw some into another batch.

It would be worth the drive to try that out.

Drink Florida Craft,


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One thought on “Brew Review – Peaches R Punk by Pareidolia Brewing

  1. Hey Dave, Glad you liked the Peaches R Punk! Was the 1st keg to float at a couple festivals this season. Thanks for the nice write up and all you do for us beer custodians out here!šŸ»āœŒšŸ¼ Pete Anderson Head Brewer/ Co-Founder Pareidolia Brewing Company (772) 584-0331 Face it, beer is good!


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