Brew Review – Watermelon Fruited Tea Gose by Infinite Ale Works

There are some cans that you open and the beer aroma just comes out immediately.

You know that aroma, a heavy malt or big hop hit.

This can … this can of Watermelon Fruited Tea Gose (Gose, 5.5% ABV) exploded with only one aroma the moment I opened that can: Watermelon.

Practically exploding like the Kool-Aid Man the moment I cracked open the top.

Well it’s a good thing, since this beer was treated with an Oolong fruit tea that used real dried pieces of watermelon.

That’s exactly why Ocala’s Infinite Ale Works chose it, that’s exactly what the tea was brought in to do, and it did so beautifully.

There’s a crystal clear complexion to an otherwise slightly strong-colored beer, and it’s got this wonderful aroma of watermelon and tangy fruit-flavored marshmallow.

I know that sounds odd, but there’s a pillowy creaminess in the aroma that needs to be smelled to be believed.

The flavor is a little tart (this is a gose after all), and with a slightly puckering flavor once it starts to subside you get this amazing watermelon candy-like dimension. Not like fresh cut watermelon, but dried and candied watermelon that brings a fun summer quality to the beer. The Oolong is there a little bit as well, and you get this sort of deep and floral bouquet that kind of tends to exist in the background pushing everything else forward. But it is distinguishable on its own accord.

It is a fantastic beer, perfectly summery and one I would look to consuming more of once the temperature start to go farther north. I know that Infinite Ale Works has made more versions of this fruity gose in their Ocala home, and my hope is this is a style and line they continue to grow.

I look forward to more amazing fruit flavors bursting forth from the cans.

Drink Florida Craft,


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