Brewery Visit – Ceremony Brewing, June ’22

Ceremony Brewing is one of two breweries that opened up in Bonita Springs in November of 2021. It’s a fantastic little location, residing in a building whose past is as varied as you can possibly get.

The last tenant there happened to be a company using the space for storage, and they ended up having a lot of old cabinetry they had to get rid of to make way for anything relating to beer.

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Brew Review – Abuela’s Nightcap by Copperpoint Brewery

While I know that it is Spanish for grandmother, when I hear the word abuela, I can only think of In The Heights and other music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

It’s a word he uses quite frequently, to the point where I think it is a significantly larger part of the non-Hispanic cultural lexicon than it ever used to be.

Which is fun, I love when cultures meld together. There’s always something fun to be gained when you step outside what you’ve always known.

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Brew Review – Irish Curse by Hourglass Brewing

“Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub. Save it, can’t be done.”

  • James Joyce, Ulysses

Ireland is quite an amazing place to go, and I will say the beer is top notch.

Mind you, I only drank that one particular style of beer while I was there, but I drank it quite a bit, thank you very much. And as for whether drink is the curse of the Irish, I cannot say, other than assuming it’s just a harmful stereotype.

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Brew Review – Fuzzy Peach by Infinite Ale Works

Out of all the things that craft beer has jumped in on, tea has been the most interesting.

Sure, having a beer that’s been aged in some sort of a liquor barrel is pretty easy to find these days, but for some reason brewers have really started grasping tea as being a wonderful flavoring adjunct.

And it works really well. Not only do Camillia sinensis leaves themselves do a great job of imparting a very new, novel, and exciting flavor, but you can also bring in additional flavors with teas flavored or herbal.

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Brew Review – Mill Pond Dirty Blonde by Oyster City

If you need a success story in the North Florida craft beer industry, you need to take a look at Oyster City.

This brewery from Apalachicola is quickly becoming a powerhouse. Expanding distribution, taking over the old Grasslands brewery in Tallahassee as their second location, and even expanding out of state.

Slowly but surely, will Oyster City take over the sunshine state?

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