Brew Review – Killer Whale Cream Ale by Bold City Brewery

As a blogger, I spend so much time chasing after new, novel, exciting, and limited edition releases that I completely lose sight of the basics. The workhorses. The tried-and-true that have been around for years and will continue once the barrels have run dry and the bottles are all gone.

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Brew Review – Tricked Out Stout by Momentum Brewhouse @MomentumBrew

There are stouts that have a heavy coffee quality because of the malt bill used, and there are stouts that have a heavy coffee quality because they just used a lot of coffee. I am a big fan of both, even though I don’t really like coffee on its own.

Tricked Out Stout (Stout, 7% ABV, 54 IBU) from Momentum Brewhouse in Bonita Springs is the former.

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Brew Review – Lone Palm Golden Ale by Ravenous Pig @RavPig

For as many triple hopped and barrel aged beers there tend to be in the market, the golden is always there, lurking in the background, welcoming beer drinkers back to the simpler palate.

In a lot of ways, golden ales are harder to make than one of those big barrel-aged beer or something with a ton of adjuncts. Beers like these generally don’t have a ton of wiggle room or places to hide, yet they have been satisfying beer drinkers for who knows how long.

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Brew Review – Doug’s Dairy Twirl (Neapolitan) by Swamp Head @SwampHead

It’s funny, but I’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about the evils of heavy adjunct-laden nd stereotypical Florida dessert stouts with a few beer people in the state.

I guess I should come out, however, and admit that there is a time and a place for everything. If I want my stout to taste like I just shoved a banana split in a blender, gosh darn it I’m going to do that sometimes.

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Brew Review – Slow Paddle Porter by Pareidolia Brewing @PareidoliaBrew

Who doesn’t love a good solid Porter? But I digress.

Welcome to Support Florida Craft Beer day! It’s funny that this event is taking on life of its own, and it has been fun to work with Pete Anderson on the project.

Pete is the owner of Pareidolia Brewing in Sebastian, a place I have unfortunately still never been able to make it to. But he has been on an early episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, talking about not only his brewery, but the Treasure Coast Ale and Wine Trail that he founded.


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Brew Review – Liquid Laugh Sour by Bone Hook Brewing

There’s a lot to discuss with this beer.

It is complex and complicated, big and fluffy, deep and mysterious, and quite enjoyable, indeed. We are talking about Liquid Laugh (Tripel, 9% ABV), a barrel-aged Belgian tripel brett sour from Bone Hook Brewing in Naples that made its way to me in a 16 oz can.

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Brew Review – Tag and Release Amber Ale by Sailfish Brewing @SailfishBrewing

When it comes to themes for Florida breweries, you tend to get two main varieties. If your brewery is close to the coast, then you start to see a lot of beachy themes or beers that are a bit beachy. The more Northern and Central you get, the more you see themes of history and wildlife, the more natural part of the Sunshine State.

Rarely do you get people that focus deeply on other ideas, but every so often what you’ll find is fishing. And there is a lot of good offshore fishing in the state. A great example of this is Sailfish Brewing in Fort Pierce.

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Brew Review – Wildberry Identity Crisis by Hallpatter Brewing @HalpatterBrew

Stylistically, I’m not totally sure what a pastry sour is supposed to be, but when you put fruit into a sour, it can go one of two ways. You either lean hard towards the sour side and get lightly flavored vinegar, or you go more to the fruit side, where the beer is only lately soured but tastes like a freshly blended smoothie.

Wildberry Identity Crisis (Sour, 5.3% ABV) from Halpatter Brewing in Lake City is the latter.


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