Brew Review – Cosmic Bandido 2.0 by Tripping Animals and Great Notion @trippinganimals @greatnotionpdx

Some brewers I know hate collaborations. Others thrive on them.

Me, I can take it or leave it as long as the beer is good.

My thing with them is how the collaboration is done. Is this a true partnership between the two? Or is this something that was already on the schedule, then someone else came by, took pictures of them throwing hops into the tank, put them on social media, go your separate ways.

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Brew Review – On Wednesdays We Wear Pink by Deviant Wolfe @deviantwolfe

Look, Mean Girls is not exactly my favorite movie of all time.

It is pretty derivative of Heathers, and the acting is a bit much sometimes. But I am firmly aware that it has a cult-like following. Heck, I even saw the musical. Saw it on a Wednesday. And it was very easy, while out to dinner before the show, to determine which ladies (and a few of the men) were going to see it as well.

They were wearing pink.

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