Events – 2022 Treasure Coast Wine and Ale Trail

The Treasure Coast Wine and Ale Trail was started some years ago to promote these particular businesses in Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River counties. In that time it has grown significantly and, judging by 4th annual event in 2022, not only are they doing quite well in the region but there’s more to come.

I know there will be at least one new brewery opening next year, and it was great to see not one but two distilleries that were about to open in the Vero Beach area very soon.

Obviously I cannot wait to visit them, but I also wanted to make sure to try some of the beers from the already-established breweries that were at the event. Some of these have been on the Florida Beer Podcast before, while others I am actively working on to get on the show. Our host, Summer Crush Winery, has a fantastic location with a lot of space specifically geared towards a festival like this.

Also nice about the event is the face that the crowd was not a get drunk kind of crowd. Very family friendly, you saw from little infants all the way up to retirees, all of which were calmly and happily enjoying a very lovely day in Ft. Pierce.

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Brew Review – Verano by Prison Pals

It’s funny, on the last episode of the Florida Beer Podcast that I did with Prison Pals owner Juan Pipkin, one of the things that he mentioned was their upcoming redesign of a lot of their core standard beers.

I’m not talking about the 16 oz. tall boys of either hazy IPAs or smoothie sours, more the 12 oz. packs of more standard styles.

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Brew Review – Jails and Churches by Sideward Brewing

First, Orlando’s Sideward Brewing keeps releasing some amazing beers. It’s a shame I don’t live in Orange County anymore, or else I would be there on a regular basis.

Second of all, producer Steve was so happy when he found a four pack of this and brought it to a recent party that we were at, which should explain the odd glassware that you see in the picture below of Jails and Churches (Czech Pilsner, 5.4% ABV).

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Brew Review – Portate Serio Ome by Black Flamingo

I have known Black Flamingo’s founder and brewer Manny Jannes for many years and in that time, the man has been very good at two things: making amazing beers and putting very interesting Spanish beer names on those beers.

One of the first beers I ever tried of his had a English translation he wouldn’t totally give me. Once I figured it out, I completely understood why.

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Brew review – Guillotine by King Fox Brewery and MMA Masters

But why is it called Guillotine, Dave? Doesn’t it have those figures from Rock’em Sock’em Robots on the label art?

The key to understanding the beer is to see who King Fox Brewery collaborated with on said beer.

That is MMA Masters, a massive building seen along the Palmetto Expressway that does exactly what you think it does: train people in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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Brew Review – Forbidden Ritual by Ceremony Brewing

I love Ceremony Brewing, mainly because it seems to be at complete odds with almost everything that’s around it.

Just a few blocks from the brewery is downtown Bonita Springs, and just beyond that is a rather amazingly large concentration of what looks to be excellent Mexican restaurants.

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Event – 2022 North Miami Brewfest

Well, we did it.

Survived another North Miami Brewfest, one of the best beer festivals in the state of Florida.

We released two episodes of the Florida Beer Podcast from this event, and I strongly recommend you listen to those to get a good background of exactly how much fun the event is and what you can look forward to going to future events as well.

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Brew Review – Mullet Run Mild by Sailfish Brewing

The mild ale.

There was a fantastic brewery in St. Pete that adored the mild ale, and they did a great job of pushing it, but I don’t think they’re around anymore (for the time being at the very least).

That’s a shame, since they really carried the torch for the Mild Ale in Florida craft beer, and it’s a style that I think can do a lot and that brewers can do a lot with. Provided brewers actually make them. Because they just don’t happen that often.

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