Brew Review – Foret Sauvage by Red Cypress Brewing

Yes, you read that name right.

It’s oddly enjoyable drinking zombie beers. And by ‘zombie,’ I mean a beer from a brewery that has long since closed.

With as long as I’ve been covering Florida craft beer, and I have had the unfortunate instance to do that on many an occasion, reminiscing about some good product made by some excellent people at an excellent brewery that, for one reason or another, didn’t quite work out. One of those breweries, closing in the middle of 2018, was Red Cypress.

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Brew Review – Santa’s White Christmas Stout by Ten10 Brewing @BrewingTen10

First of all, don’t complain. I know I’m talking about a Christmas beer when it just turned November.

Second of all, we aren’t going to talk about the Christmas as much as we’re going to talk about Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company. It’s sort of a Central Florida thing, especially if you grew up in the area in the 80s and 90s like I did.

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Brew Review – Whiskey Barrel Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale by 3 Daughters Brewing and St. Pete Distillery @3dbrewing @DistilleryVibes

I love St. Pete.

Growing up, I never really understood the city. It was always that place that’s far away from Tampa, the city I wanted to go to.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Tampa. The history, the architecture, the community, my beloved Lightning, and (naturally) the beer scene have to be experienced to be believed.

But it seems like St. Pete more than holds its own when it comes to the bay area. They’ve got the Rays, they’ve got a vibrant arts scene, the Chihuly Museum is amazing, and the St. Pete beer scene is on par, if not better, than Tampa.

Yes, I said it.

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Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Beat Culture Brewing @BeatCultureCo

There’s the initial thought of why should I bother with an Oktoberfest beer in Miami, since Miami is more interested in tropical drinks and Central and South American culture.

But if you take a step back, you realize that a lot of the beer in those Central and South American cultures are German-style lagers created by and championed by German expat brewers. Oh yes, it is perfectly fine and completely natural to find Oktoberfest goodness in the Magic City.

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Brew Review – Oktoberfest by 26 Degree Brewing

It’s time. It’s just time.

To be honest with you, it’s always time for an Oktoberfest.

I am firmly aware of the fact that in the US, saying ‘Oktoberfest’ means you’re either going to get a Festbier or a Martzen, but I want the actual event. Beers, sausages, the whole nine yards.

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