Brew Review – Guava Pastelito by Beat Culture

It’s almost comical how every brewery in Miami has a guava pastelito beer. But this one came at a rather bizarre time, at the tail end of a very pointed argument that happened on social media regarding whether this guava-filled pastry meets the arbitrary definition of a sandwich.

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Seltzer Spotlight – Lemon Lime Florida Hard Seltzer from 3 Daughters Brewing @3DBrewing

As most of you hopefully know by now, I have decided to fully embrace the hard seltzer trend since 1) it is not going anywhere anytime soon, and 2) I am trying to cut down on my carbs as much as humanly possible. For a beer blogger, that is quite the heavy lift.

But my Seltzerbot 5000 is fully stocked, and since it was time for another Seltzer Spotlight, I figured I would go into a can of what I consider to be the OG of Florida hard seltzers, Florida Hard Seltzer from 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Pete.

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Brew Review – Black Forest Cake (Dessert Series) by Dissent Brewing @Dissentbeer

I’m a particularly big fan of Gabriel Iglesias.

If you know anything about him, he does a routine involving Chicagoland favorite Portillo’s and their chocolate cake shake. Which is literally a milkshake that has been supplanted with a piece of chocolate cake. As I am now 4 weeks into my diet, I can say the thought of that might actually turn my stomach.

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Brew Review – Pink Froyd IPA by Holy Mackerel

Editor’s note: The following article was written last week, before another site published what appears to be a hit piece specifically focusing on bringing down Holy Mackerel. Florida Beer Media does not condone that article, nor support any of the opinions that were contained therein. Also, we do not support attacking small businesses, especially at a time like this. We are big fans of the beer and the people involved, and strongly suggest that readers make up their minds for themselves.

I didn’t expect the beer to be actually be pink.

I have refined my view regarding contract brewing a bit since I first started this blog of over six years ago. I used to be a hard line, snobby, purist and if the beer wasn’t brewed and canned on site, then clearly it wasn’t their beer at all.

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Brew Review – Pog Slammer by Beat Culture

Pogs. Seriously, pogs.

How can you not love bringing that particular piece of the 90’s back? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you clearly missed out on one of the greatest flash in the pan collectibles in the 3 decades: Pogs.

For the uninitiated, pogs started off as the cardboard caps on bottles of juice made by dairies in Maui, Hawaii. The name of the drink was an acronym of the juices mixed to make the beverage, passionfruit, orange, and guava. Continue reading

The Seltzerbot 5000 (NewAir 160 Can Beverage Fridge) with Funky Buddha Seltzer @NewAirUSA @FunkyBuddhaBrew #shareyournewair

I have been mentioning it, but it’s time to reveal the fully stocked and operational Selterbot 5000! In reality, it’s the New Air 160 Can freestanding beverage fridge in stainless steel (SKU: NBC160SS00). And because of things, i have now fully stocked it with hard seltzers. Fully stocked.


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Seltzer Spotlight – Watermelon Spyk’d by Ft. Myers Brewing @FMBrew

A couple of episodes ago on the Florida Beer Podcast, I reached out to and spoke to Rob Whyte, co-founder of Ft. Myers Brewing in, you guessed it, Ft. Myers. As big a fan of their beers (Gateway Gold is still the best Golden Ale I’ve had in the state) I reached out to him about Spyk’d, their relatively new-ish line of flavored hard seltzers.

Yes, they jumped on the seltzer craze and when I spoke to them, they had four flavors in cans with more coming soon at the brewery. They had also just won a pretty major award, getting Best In Show at the recent Seltzerland festival.

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