Interview – Luke Kemper, Swamphead Brewing

Gainesville brewery Swamphead has grown from a small, local brewery to recently rolling out statewide distribution for their core beers. Focusing on hop-forward beers and a strong adoration for the natural Florida, their brews are classic styles with incredibly flavorful recipes that are remarkably easy to drink. 

I spoke to founder and brewer Luke Kemper and Marketing Director Brandon Nappy about the Natural Florida, bombers, and Tallahassee.   

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Beer Review – Passport 35 by Florida Beer Co. at Epcot Food & Wine @floridabeer @waltdisneyworld 

It genuinely pains me to say this, but the downward slide of customer service at Walt Disney World, notably Epcot, is nothing short of breathtaking. 

I remember how things used to be; they were actually quite  fun. Employees were nice, food was excellent, and a day in the parks was actually a good time. Now, you have security guards that act like they’re guarding the Hope Diamond, ride operators that openly mock you for not knowing every detail of their increasingly rediculous Fastpass system, and an extra special shoutout to the college kid at Guest Relations for forcing a 2 year old to wait in the heat almost 2 hours for food instead of trying to help. 

Absolutely wonderful there. 

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​Press Release – William Dean Chocolates and @BigStormBrewing team up to create a Chocolate Beer

People don’t always think of beer and chocolate paired together, but true beer fans who appreciate stouts and porters understand these flavorful ales and chocolate can be a match made in heaven. That is why Big Storm Brewery and William Dean Chocolates, the company that made the chocolates featured in the movie Hunger Games, are teaming up to create a specialty artisan brew. 

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Brew Review – The Lightning Twenty Five by Big Storm Brewing @BigStormBrewing @TBLightning

Well, looks like the 2017-2018 Tampa Bay Lightning season is off to a nice start…

As of this writing, the Bolts are currently 9-1-1 and show no signs of the Stamkos and Kucherov Show slowing down (knock on wood). But it’s also the Lightning’s 25th anniversary as a team, and Big Storm Brewing in Clearwater managed to score the exclusive right to brew  The Lightning Twenty Five (Light Lager, 4% ABV) to celebrate. Thanks to Big Storm Brewing, I managed to score a four pack myself. 

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 Brew Review – Bumby Blonde Ale by Ocean Sun @oceansunbrewing

Bumby is not an appetizing word. It sounds like Gumby’s sad, less intelligent cousin. 

But if you’re from Orlando, you immediately recognize the word as a fairly well-travelled avenue close to downtown, intersecting Colonial Dr. at that giant shopping plaza that used to be a covered mall (extra special bonus points if you remember Ronnie’s). Close to Bumby Ave., near its intersection with Curry Ford Rd. (once again, Orlando with the odd street names) is the home of Ocean Sun Brewing. 

Since March of 2016, Ocean Sun and its head brewer Noah Cowles have been bringing true to style brews to the Orlando area. They’re already in limited distribution, which is how I got a growler filled – at the Total Wine near the intersection of Colonial and Bumby, ironically enough – with Bumby Blonde (Blonde Ale, 6.7% ABV).

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