Event – Beers from North Miami Brewfest @nomibrewfest

So it has been a little while since the North Miami Brewfest, plenty of time to get a rundown together of some of the beers we were able to sample. And enjoy sampling we did…

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Brewery Visit – Ivanhoe Park Brewing @ivanhoeparkbrew

If you went to Orlando and the early 1900s, the theme parks you’re used to thinking of today simply did not exist. What did exist however, was Joyland amusement park.

Starting as a small bathing pavilion on the shores of Lake Ivanhoe in 1910, this amusement park provided visitors with all matters of recreation and even a few rides. It wasn’t exactly Islands of Adventure, but for its day it was a welcome respite from the summer heat for native Orlando ends.

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Brewery Visit – Swan Brewing @swanbrewing

It is difficult to describe the location of anything in downtown Lakeland as being ‘lakeside.’

It’s all Lakeside. There’s enough lakes in the area to where the lakes are lakeside as well.

If you know the lakes, then Lake Wire is the one that you’re looking for to head to Swan Brewing, Lakeland’s newest craft beer outpost.

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Event – North Miami Brewfest @nomibrewfest @FIUHospitality

These days, I don’t go to many brewfests.

The scene has honestly gotten so crowded and so commercial, swamped with people that are less interested in the artistry and more interested in the highest gravity beers they can find, and it’s just not worth it. And sure, it would be great to connect was area breweries, some I have never met before, but it looks a lot of work for what is becoming increasingly unenjoyable.

Because of this, I was a little hesitant to check out the North Miami Brewfest that just happened over the weekend. I talked to one of my good buddies, Luis at Old Deck, and he said that this is actually A welcome change to most brewing festivals. North Miami Brewfest is a little more laid-back, much calmer, and it gives you time to sit and chat with the people as opposed to pouring Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts as fast as you possibly can for an increasingly inebriated crowd.

So my wife and I went. And this may actually be the best Brewfest I have ever been to.

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Interview – Eric Hernandez at Concrete Beach Brewery

I’ve been going to Wynwood’s Concrete Beach Brewing since before it opened. In that end, they have grown their facilities, their beer offerings, their distribution, and their staff. It was one of those staff members, head brewer Eric Hernandez, that I went to visit and chat with recently about LA, Cuban cuisine, and Miami traffic.

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Brew Review – La Fayette Saison by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

Ah, Florida hops.

This is actually pretty exciting to see, for a few reasons. First of all, hops are starting to get pretty scarce with the rather massive influx of new breweries gobbling up harvests as fast as they can. Second, hops prefer a temperate climate, which is why they’re usually grown in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

But they’re here now, which is amazing for us Florida-loving hop heads. There are plenty of beers starting to pop up now around the state using hops grown right here in sunny Florida hop yards.

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Brew Review – Sunrise City IPA by Sailfish Brewing @SailfishBrewing

Ah, the Treasure Coast.

I do love it so, as it’s the perfect mix of quiet places and culturally exciting activities. It’s on the Atlantic coast of the state, below the Space Coast and north of what is traditionally thought of as South Florida.

It’s starting to get a lot of breweries there, especially in some of the hot spots such as Vero Beach, Sebastian, and, in this case, my beloved Fort Pierce.

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