Brew Review – Sorry Papa by Redlight Redlight and Lincoln’s Beard

“The year was 1792. Brent was gasping the GABF results live with his table, excitedly awaiting what were sure to be very smelly results.”

And so begins the Mad Libs-style label art describing a rather common and slightly infuriating story of Redlight Redlight owner Brent Hernandez apparently not winning anything at GABF.

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Brew Review – Cultural Appreciation by The Tank and Shojo Beer Co.

It is very rare that I get to feature a beer from a gypsy brewer on the blog. I never manage to be in the right place at the right time.

What is a gypsy brewer? Well, some people have their own brand but do not brew at any specific location, nor have beers at a place of their own. As such, they go around to brew on different systems, leaving delicious beers where they go.

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Brew Review – Golden Cage by Prison Pals and Tripping Animals

I just enjoy speaking to Prison Pals founder Juan Pipkin.

First and foremost, stemming from a previous lifetime, I have an odd affinity for anything Argentinian. Especially as we are engaged in the next World Cup, it was fun to talk to him and hear his ideas on Argentina’s chances for winning it all in Qatar (Edit: Saudi Arabia? Seriously?).

The other thing that he enjoyed talking about on a recent conversation (And yes, you’ll hear it on the Florida Beer Podcast very soon) was their doubling down with the thematic concept of the brewery. If you take a look at their Instagram account, Juan has a wonderful description of why they chose the name Prison Pals.

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Brew Review – Wolfpack of One by Unseen Creatures and Orchestrated Minds

Smoky beers are very touchy.

They have very strong supporters that are, both noticeably and unfortunately, in the minority. But they also have quite a few detractors. Some people hate the smoke flavors, a lot of people have never really tried them and don’t understand what they’re missing.

Thankfully, I can count on some South Florida brewers that are in team smoke beer: Davy Martin at Orchestrated Minds in Ft. Lauderdale and David Lester at Unseen Creatures in Miami.

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Brew Review – Colada Racing by Beat Culture

Woe to the person that says they love coffee and yet does not partake of the cafecito.

I’m sorry, Cuban coffee is just on another level. It’s not even playing the same game. It’s on some three-dimensional version of chess while most basic coffee houses are still playing Chutes and Ladders.

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