Brew Review – Vega by First Magnitude @FMBrewing

It’s actually pretty amusing to see what has been named Vega:

  • A 1970’s compact car from GM
  • A Spanish fighter from Street Fighter 
  • A city in North Texas
  • The 5th brightest star in the night sky
  • A crater on the Moon
  • A Swedish steamship
  • A blonde ale from First Magnitude Brewing
  • The AI that runs the Mars facility in DOOM that opens a gateway to Hell

Guess which one I’m writing about?

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Press Release – DEEP Brewing One Year Anniversary @DeepBrew 

Tallahassee, FL, August 25, 2017– DEEP Brewing Company is celebrating one year of growth and successful operation after officially opening the doors on August 28, 2016. Since that date, Deep Brewing has exceeded all growth expectations… releasing over 120 beers, nearly quintupling production capacity, and entered in to local distribution nearly one year ahead of schedule. As we dive head first into the future, come join us for a beer-filled weekend!

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Brewery Visit – Ookapow Brewing @ookapowbrewing

Call this a pre-visit. 

Ookapow Brewing is soon to be a brand new brewery in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach, located on Old Okeechobee Rd. very close to downtown and landmarks such as the Kravis Center. The official grand opening will be on Saturday, Sept. 2nd, but Ookapow’s head brewer and co-founder Damian Ramos invited me out to see the new digs. 

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Brew Review – Havana Lager by Concrete Beach @ConcreteBeachFL

To Miami is to Cuba. To Cuba is to Miami. It’s inevitable. 

I tend to not really read my past posts, but one that I come back to from time to time is a piece I wrote a year or so ago about La Tropical, a beer that had been brewed in Cuba for generations and was successfully resurrected at Concrete Beach by the relatives of the original owners. 

I liked it, if only for the sheet amount of research and history that I was able to put into the article. But I never had it again, and I keep hoping to see it show up on store shelves. It never did, but Concrete Beach has released something similar,  Havana Lager (Vienna Lager, 5.2% ABV, 20 IBU). 

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