Brew Review – Cloud Dweller by Coppertail Brewing

You’ll hear this on an upcoming podcast episode I did with Coppertail Brewing owner Kent Bailey, but Tampa’s love affair with hops borders on the comical.

Yes, hops are in an important ingredient in beer. Yes, I understand that hoppy beers are popular. However, I think the obsession with hops goes a little crazy sometimes.

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Brew Review – 7th Anniversary Ale by Ulele

Look, part of me is really annoyed by all the hype that Tampa’s brewing scene gets. Yes, it is well deserved, I completely I get that, but I am not going to discount some of the awesome beers that are elsewhere in the state.

There’s other aspects of Tampa however is that I absolutely adore. Right up there, behind my beloved Lightning, is the Riverwalk. It’s a 2.6-mile long stretch of walking pathway along the Hillsborough River, stretching from Armature Works down to the Tampa Bay History Center.

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Brew Review – Lo-Ca by The Tank

Low calorie has never been a moniker associated with craft beer.

If you got a low-calorie beer, it tended to be some big macro brewed affair that has almost no flavor to speak of.

Craft beers, I always felt, had the exact opposite stereotype, especially when faced with a heavy desert stout.

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Brew Review – High Boltage by Cigar City Brewing and Tampa Bay Lightning

It was a foregone conclusion that I was going to be reviewing this beer.

Back at the beginnings of this humble blog, Cigar City comprised quite a few of my articles. It was a little difficult to get a ton of other Florida craft beers by me, and my brewery visits were (as they still are) a bit on the irregular side.

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Brew Review – Siempre Summer by Beat Culture Brewing and Lifestyle Miami

Look, this is Florida. With the exception of an occasional day here and there, we are the land of eternal summer.

It’s pretty cool, especially when people are freezing cold and I’m still able to tool around in shorts and a t-shirt. I’ve lived in snow. Not impressed; I will keep my hurricanes, thank you very much.

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Brew Review – Liquid Vinyl by Broken Strings Brewery

Whatever happened to the Black IPA?

There was a time when they weren’t necessarily ubiquitous, but you could still find them with relative ease. Much like the brown ale, the Black IPA seems to have disappeared from favor.

I’m not totally sure why. It’s a wonderful style, combining the hoppiness that everybody seems to love with a beautiful dark quality for the porter/stout drinkers. Beer drinkers seem to enjoy most other kinds of beers, why not this?

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