Brew Review – Sweet Stout & American Dark Wheat by Cigar City TPA @cigarcitybeer

I am fully aware that Cigar City doesn’t actually own or operate the mini-brewpub located in Airside C at Tampa International Airport. It serves their beer, and they operate the small brewing system located there, but it’s actually operated by HMS Host or one of those similiar companies. 

It’s just a little frustrating wanting to learn a bit more about the house beers there and running up against servers that are there just to shuttle food and drinks. For example, Cigar City had Sweet Stout (Stout, 6.6% ABV, 25 IBU) on tap. 

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 Brew Review – Fruits of Florida Blueberry IPA by JDub’s Brewing @jdubsbrewing

Sarasota’s JDub’s Brewing is using 2017 to release their new ‘Fruits of Florida’ seies, a selection of IPAs (because Florida) accentuated with fresh, local, in-season fruits.

The thing I like most with the first beer, Blueberry IPA (IPA, 7% ABV),  isn’t the fruit, but the hops. 

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Brewery Visit – Momentum Brewhouse @momentumbrew

Bonita Springs is a cute little city. Not very big, definitely filled with more than its share of retirees, and just north of Naples in the Southwest corner of the state. 

My daughter’s godparents invited us out to the very recent Bonita Blues Festival (which was an interestingly good time with some pretty good bands, but a lot of smokers that we kept having to move my daughter away from). They had quite the selection of food and local artisans, and my hopes were extremely low that I would find local craft on tap. 

I had a bit of hope since, literally 5 minutes away, was Momentum Brewhouse.

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Interview – Jesse Ross, Lake Tribe Brewing @laketribebrew

As an FSU grad, it makes me happy to no end to see how well craft beer is going in Tallahassee. Of those, I’ve been quite fortunate to try several beers from Lake Tribe Brewing, a Tally brewhouse that recently celebrated their first anniversary. 

As a natural extension, I interviewed their brewmaster Jesse Ross about Leon County, barrels, and the YMCA. 

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Brewery Visit – Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery @legacybrewery

Opa-Locka is an interesting place. 

It’s north of Miami, it’s a bit on the rough side, and the entire place is themed to Arabian Nights.

Seriously. For a city named after a Seminole phrase and created by aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss, the entire place is distinctly Moorish-flavored, in a sort of Busch Gardens-esque sort of way. 

It’s also a city that is just emerging from a significant corruption scandal from city government, a situation that caused the ownership of Legacy Caribbean Craft Brewery no endof headaches when moving their facility to an industrial park across from Opa-Locka Municipal Airport. 

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Brew Review – Have an Udder by 26 Degree Brewing @26brewing

Pompano Beach’s 26 Degree Brewing is starting to pick up some steam. They’ve had a crowler for some time, they’re bottling bombers, and they’re teasing their new 6-pack cans. Trust me, they have plenty of space to do all of this. 

So with the bombers, some of those releases comprise the Brown Bag Series, or beers they think are so good maybe you should bring some home with you. I never got the first one, but I managed to get one of the individually numbered bottles of No. 2, Have an Udder (Sweet Stout, 6% ABV, 25 IBU). I think I got number 86 of 100. 

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Brew Review – 2 Pump Chump by Angry Chair Brewing @angrychairbeer

A long time ago I decided that the blog should be a bit on the clean side, not because I am (I’m not), but to help improve how far the articles can spread. 

To that end, I’m not going to describe what a 2 Pump Chump (Porter, 5.5% ABV) is. Feel free to go onto the interwebs and look it up. 

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