Brew Review – Irish Curse by Hourglass Brewing

“Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub. Save it, can’t be done.”

  • James Joyce, Ulysses

Ireland is quite an amazing place to go, and I will say the beer is top notch.

Mind you, I only drank that one particular style of beer while I was there, but I drank it quite a bit, thank you very much. And as for whether drink is the curse of the Irish, I cannot say, other than assuming it’s just a harmful stereotype.

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Brew Review – Fuzzy Peach by Infinite Ale Works

Out of all the things that craft beer has jumped in on, tea has been the most interesting.

Sure, having a beer that’s been aged in some sort of a liquor barrel is pretty easy to find these days, but for some reason brewers have really started grasping tea as being a wonderful flavoring adjunct.

And it works really well. Not only do Camillia sinensis leaves themselves do a great job of imparting a very new, novel, and exciting flavor, but you can also bring in additional flavors with teas flavored or herbal.

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Brew Review – Mill Pond Dirty Blonde by Oyster City

If you need a success story in the North Florida craft beer industry, you need to take a look at Oyster City.

This brewery from Apalachicola is quickly becoming a powerhouse. Expanding distribution, taking over the old Grasslands brewery in Tallahassee as their second location, and even expanding out of state.

Slowly but surely, will Oyster City take over the sunshine state?

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Brew Review – Yamato Scrub by Prosperity Brewhouse

Pineapples don’t grow very well in Florida. This is Citrus country.

Pineapples need a little bit more tropical climate, which is why you find them in Hawaii, southeast Asia, and so on.

That was not known by a group of Japanese immigrants who settled in Palm Beach County after the turn of the century. Calling themselves the Yamato Colony, the group was organized by Jo Sakai and people from. his hometown in Miyazu, Japan.

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Brew Review – KYUZU by 3 Sons Brewing & KYU

Stick around craft beer long enough and you’ll find certain fruits get a lot of play.

It’s probably a matter of seconds to find a beer that has orange, lime, or mango somewhere in your vicinity. Blueberry and raspberry aren’t exactly hard to find either.

Other fruits, however, are a little bit harder to locate. I just tried a huckleberry beer not too long ago, and I can’t recall the last papaya beer I’ve seen.

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Brew Review – Nothing Lasts Forever by DeBine Brewing Company and Bayboro Brewing

Oh wow, I’m going to talk once again about how Pinellas County beer is the best in Florida? Shocker.

I love Tampa. I love Tampa. But the beer scene is relatively concentrated. You got outposts here and there, but it’s basically focused in Tampa.

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