Brew Review – 3 Wise Guys by Persimmon Hollow @PersimmonHollow

Way back in 1997, Speakeasy Ales and Lagers was founded in San Francisco. I was instantly drawn to them not because of the beers, and not because of their San Francisco Bay Area connection, but for a rather novel and attractive visual design.

Basically, everything was very 1930’s film noir. The one porter of theirs that I had, Payback, featured those dark and mysterious trench coat wearing characters that I find so appealing.

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Brew Review – Super Marzen Bros. by Florida Avenue @FloridaAveBrew


Don’t care.

Should be around more.

I say this a lot. Beer world still isn’t listening.

What does it say that that I liked the beer little bit more due to the naming and label art that dips one toe in my childhood and the other into possible IP infringement?

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Brew Review – Up In Smoke by Prosperity Brewers

Oh boy, the Rauchbier.

Few things tend to separate the true nerd from the standard beer drinking community than this style.

I personally think it’s even more polarizing than a sour ale, since at least sours have the snobbish beer bro community backing them up. Save for a select few, I don’t think there are as many people that are quite as enthusiastic about smoke beers.

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Brew Review – La Colorada by Prision Pals

There’s so many cultures out there that I am just now being exposed to that I wish I had gotten more of a taste of them before this point in my life.

Through several different instances in my life I have come fairly close to Argentinian culture, which is quite interesting. I’ve developed a taste for Malbec, and even though I’ve never seen a game of theirs, I have an odd affinity for River Plate (if you know, you know).

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Brew Review – Cranberry Claus by Playalinda Brew Co. @PlayalindaBrews

I’m not going to say that I particularly like Elvis, nor that I really want to dress like him, but if the situation ever presented itself, I might participate in one of those Elvis runs.

The ones where literally thousands of of people dress like The King and run a 5k down Las Vegas Blvd.

And I know it’s not the only ‘dress up in a mass crowd and do things’ event, but it’s at least possible for me.

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Brew Review – Big Gulps, Huh by 81Bay Brewing

As an aside, I must say thank you to the quality craft beer bars of the world. I am not getting around Florida anywhere near as much as I used to or would like to, so to see something like this come by my neck of the woods is a great pleasure.

Anyway, it’s wasteful as anything, but I have to say I like dry hopping.

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Brew Review – West Floridian Christmas by Infinite Ale Works @InfiniteAleWork

I’m not going to lie, my fridge is still fully stocked of Martzens as Oktoberfest will never leave me. But I know that it’s Christmas time. And with that I need to start drinking more Christmas beers.

For the most part, those ‘Holiday’ releases tend to be winter warmers, and I’ve never been a big fan of those. I’ve always found them to be less like amazing beers and more like another massively treated Imperial Stout. And I’ve gotten a bit tired of treated Imperial Stouts.

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