Brew Review – Dan Flashes by King Fox

It’s raining and thundering pretty strongly as I write this, and with a beer with the name like Dan Flashes, for some reason the only thing that has come to my mind is Lightning Crashes from Live.

Not that I’ve heard that song on the radio at all in the past 20 years, but it just came up.

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Brew Review – Astronomical Axolotl by Ology Brewing

Axolotls are everywhere.

And I do mean everywhere.

Video games, backpacks, figurines, there’s even a gigantic stuffed axolotl on my couch my daughter loves, mostly because it’s roughly the same size as my daughter.

If you’ve never heard of axolotls, I’m not entirely shocked. Up until a few years ago they were almost completely unheard, at least in the US. Axolotls (pronounced AXE-oh-lot-uhl) are kind of Mexican fish lizard with a fluffy, almost Elizabethan-looking collar around their necks.

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Brew Review – Tivvy Tmavé by BarrieHaus Beer Co.

It’s been a while, but the last time I went to BarrieHaus Beer Co., the lager wonderland in Ybor City, I was with my beloved daughter. I knew I had to get something to go, and I let her choose because, why not?

When faced with a bunch of various labels, one of which contains a cat riding a rainbow-trailing bag of malt through space while holding a mash paddle, and you ask a 6-year old girl to choose which beer you want, you’re getting the beer with the cat riding the rainbow-trailing bag of malt through space holding a mash paddle.

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Brew Review – NOBO Brewing, June ’22

It’s funny that we released the episode of the Florida Beer Podcast with our interview with NOBO Brewing co-founder Tim Dornblazer weeks ago. Weeeeks ago.

I’ve been speaking with him for years, I’ve been drinking his beer for years, and it’s not like the brewery hasn’t been on my radar. I was just happy that it was finally time to sit down with the man and actually hear his story, plus record it so that we can broadcast it for all to hear.

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Brew Review – Alba & Petraea Saison by Odd Breed Wild Ales

It is insanely difficult to write anything about the beers at Odd Breed Wild Ales.

Not because they’re not good, they are. In fact, it’s one of the best breweries in the state, if not the planet.

It’s just difficult to find anything to say that doesn’t mirror or outright plagiarize the absolutely incredible notes that founder and brewer Matt Manthe delivers for each and every one of his beers.

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Brew Review – Tropical Hefe by 3 Daughters

I will admit, I love 3 Daughters regardless, I will try any of their products, but this beer attracted me not so much because of the beer or the brewery, but the label art.

It is dripping with the post-World War II faux-Polynesia that may only have a fleeting attachment to reality, but is still oddly satisfying in a ‘Disney’s Polynesian Resort’ sort of way.

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