Brewery Visit – Mad Robot Brewing @robotbrewingco

This weekend Boca Raton’s Mad Robot Brewing (formerly Robot Brewing) will celebrate a well-deserved one-year anniversary. It’s the space formerly occupied by the original Funky Buddha Lounge, a very eclectic mix of beer, art, live performances, and a homebrew store.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff, and owner/brewer Allen Steen juggles at all fairly well. The recipes are all his own, making his own mark instead of just trying to keep doing what Funky Buddha had been doing for many years quite successfully.

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Brew Review – Hurricane Party & Huracan by Big Storm Brewing @bigstormbrewing

Now is, unfortunately, the time in hurricane season where the big storms start to ramp up. It’s something pretty much every Floridian has had to deal with, and hurricanes make up a large part of the cultural identity of living here.

There are restaurants, sports teams, and plenty of food items names for these storms. And thinking about the storms coming up this season reminded me that I never posted any information for the two hurricane-themed beers I tried on my recent visit to Big Storm Brewing. If you want to hear a bit more about them, these were sampled during my interview with Big Storm owner LG Govoni on a recent episode of the Florida Beer Podcast.

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Brew Review – Mango Thief by Beat Culture

By now, hopefully you have heard our interview with Beat Culture Brewing on the Florida Beer Podcast. I’ve reviewed the location before, being there at the tail end of their grand opening day. There were a lot of beers consumed in that post, and I recommend anybody go back and check it out.

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Brew Review – Demens Landing by Flying Boat

Born Pyotr Alexeyevitch Dementyev, Peter Demens was a wealthy Russian aristocrat. After a stint in the Russian Czar’s Infantry, he left to continue his family’s lineage of agriculture before being forced to flee the country in 1880.

Landing in America in 1881, he found his way to his cousin’s orange groves in Jacksonville, continuing down to Central Florida where he ended up taking ownership of the now defunct Orange Belt Railway.

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Podcast Visit – The Tank @thetankbrewing

Have you ever gone someplace that you simply did not want to leave? Once you step in and settle down, it’s almost like the entire place was built just for you?

That’s what my last trip to The Tank was like. I was in the area and stopped by so that I could interview their owner Carlos Padron. You’ll hear that interview on the next episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, and it was fantastic to hear his take on the Florida brewing industry from his background as a lawyer and tobacco importer.

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Brew Review – Pistachio Supervoid by Coppertail Brewing @coppertail

I am not going to lie, but from time to time I happen to get some free things. It just happens.

I find this interesting, since I have spoken to a good many brewers that say they have been receiving an extraordinary number of requests from ‘influencers’ asking them for freebies as well.

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Brew Review – Coffee McSwagger by Crooked Can @crookedcan

Central Florida’s infamous heat and humidity tend to be oppressive for most of the year, but every so often you luck out and get a nice, mild day.

Downtown Winter Garden seems to get a lot of those, with the main drag of Plant St. nestled under an immense canopy of trees liberally draped with Spanish Moss. It’s a gorgeous place, and quite enjoyable to sit outside if you do manage to get one of those wonderful lazy Sunday afternoons.

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Brew Review – Summer ’19 at 3 Daughters Brewing @3dBrewing

It’s always something with three daughters.

I understand that sentence can be taken a myriad of ways, but the ‘3 Daughters’ that I’m speaking to is the brewery in St. Pete and the ‘always something’ it refers to is the fact that there’s always something good going on whenever we visit.

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