Brew Review – Decklin’s Indulgence by Big Top

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed Big Top Brewing.

It’s not that they’re bad, they’re not. And it’s not that they’re small, they’ve got multiple outposts all over the state. But they’re all over the Northern half.

And yet, every so often I can get some of their stuff down here on occasion. When I see their beers, I expect things like Circus City, their IPA.

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Brew Review – To Space We Go by Unseen Creatures and Equilibrium

I don’t think there’s enough discussed about the logistics of a proper collaboration in craft beer circles.

I think most craft beer aficionados see that two breweries came together, usually at just one location, to throw some hops, take some pictures on Instagram, and go their separate ways.

This collaboration, with Miami’s Unseen Creatures and Equilibrium (located about half an hour north of the New York/New Jersey border), seems to have done a little of both.

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Brew Review – Oktoberfest Marzen by Oviedo Brewing

There’s two things that are going to be unchangeable when it comes to Florida beer.

One, I’m going to drink Marzens year-round, and I will continue to do so until I don’t drink beer at all anymore.

Two, Oviedo Brewing is going to find some way to put a rooster on their cans.

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Brew Review – Nandes by Prison Pals

Growing up, I just assumed that the best place to go for beer was Germany. All the good beers were German and all German beers were good.

That being said, Germany is on my bucket list of countries to go to for beer. I would love to go, I would love to go to Oktoberfest, and I rarely have a German beer that disappoints at all.

Belgium, however, is slightly above Germany in terms of my current list of beer countries to go to, number one in fact.

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Brew Review – Giggle Shark by 5 Branches Brewing

Here’s what I need you to focus on concerning the label art:

It’s not the name, which will obviously give Cocomelon vibes of Baby Shark (good luck getting that out of your head).

It’s not the shark itself, which has obvious overtones of Katy Perry’s infamous Left Shark.

It’s not the brewery itself, 5 Branches being an obvious reference to the five branches of the United States Military, of which 5 Branches’ owners are proud veterans for which I thank them for their service. (P.S. I could go on about Florida’s awesome abundance of Veteran-owned breweries, but that’s for another time).

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Brew Review – Kith and Kin by High Springs Brewing

The funny thing is this is their 3rd Anniversary beer. I still have their 2nd Anniversary beer aging.

It’s interesting, my first visit to High Springs Brewing was when Kiffin Ayers, co-founder and Head Brewer, showed me what is their current facility, back when it was still its last days of being a welding shop.

In the resulting three-plus years that it was open, they have become much more than a brewery, growing to be a major focal point for the city of High Springs. And since Producer Steve is such good friends with the owners, I tend to get a lot of the good bottle releases from them whenever they come out.

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Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Hop Life Brewing

Why yes, I still have more Oktoberfest beers to write about.

And this is not the only one either, so just get used to it because blue and white checkerboard is still going to be showing up on the blog for a little while. And I want it to show up on basically every tap list from now until the end of time.

It’s just one of the best styles out there.

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