Brew Review – Mr. Tom’s Muscadine Saison by Hourglass Brewing @hourglassbrew

I had intended this article to talk about grapes, but instead it looks like we are talking about Disney.

I recently opened my bottle of Mr. Tom’s Muscadine Saison, one of the gorgeous Farmhouse options that come from Hourglass Brewing in Longwood. I am a big fan of the muscadine grape, as it’s pretty much the only grape that will grow in the state of Florida. If you’ve ever had wine from San Sebastian or its sister winery Lakeridge in Clermont, those are predominantly Muscadine.

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Brew Review – Sunshine Greetings by Central 28 @central28beer

I have an almost unhealthy love for the old-time tourism postcards that flooded the United States in the early 1900’s. You know the kind, the ones that say “Greetings From” and then have the name of the city or state along with images in each letter?

I love those. And I have to give a big shout out to Central 28 for their newest can release of Sunshine Greetings (Pale Wheat Ale, 4.7% ABV, 10 IBU), taking this iconography and building a gorgeous can and fantastic beer around it.

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Brew Review – Hops of Thunder by Tomoka Brewing @tomokabrewingco

It’s something I haven’t really mentioned a lot, especially since I’m not too terribly versed in it, but yes, Florida is pretty much the birthplace of NASCAR.

If you’ve never seen Daytona International Speedway up close, the size of it is just staggering. It’s monumental in a way that I’ve only seen in some statues in Asia dedicated to Genghis Khan. The funiest thing of all is that there is a full-size Cracker Barrel sitting in the middle of the parking lot, and around it is not so much parking and parking garages and transportation, but your standard everyday suburban sprawl.

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Brew Review – Kapitan’s Kolsch by Biscayne Bay Brewing @biscaynebaybrew

I may have said this more than once over the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been on a big Kolsch kick recently.

I hadn’t really seen the style all that much, especially when I was starting off beer blogging. If you wanted something light and crisp, you either went for a Pilsner and had to settle for whatever hops they decided to throw in, or you went for a blond ale and sort of hoped that the brewer was gentle.

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Brew Review – SebastianStrongSaison by The Tank & Sebastian Strong @thetankbrewing @sebsstrong

Sebastian Ortiz is not a name known to many people.

He was a South Florida teenager, born to his parents Oscar and Rose, on his mother’s birthday. 15 years into his life, Sebastian was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

And while there were many treatments and many attempts of chemotherapy, Sebastian left this world at the age of 17. That led his father Oscar into a bewildering look into the very sparse nature of research and understanding of children’s cancer.

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Brew Review – Spring Beers at Palm City Brewing @EsteroBrewer

I have said it to many people already, but Palm City Brewing in Fort Myers is, to me, the high-water mark when it comes to family-friendly breweries.

That is something that is incredibly important to me, as my wife and I want to be able to go someplace and not have to figure out with whom to leave our three-year-old daughter. Why not bring her with us, and so everybody can be happy at the same time?

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