If you’re here, we hope you are willing to help us Support Florida Craft Beer!

2020 is a major election year, both nationally and in the state of Florida. The COVID-19 quarantine has brought Florida’s unfair beer laws to the forefrunt, making craft beer drinkers in the state much more aware of how our state can change regulations to help the industry.

Because of this, Florida Beer Media has partnered with Pareidolia Brewing in Sebastian to raise awareness for candidates that are supportive of Florida craft beer and are currently running for office in the Florida House and Senate.

So what can you do?

First, download the photo below and message it on every social media channel you have this Sept. 16th with the hashtag #SupportFLCraftBeer. Make sure your followers know in advance, tell your friends, co-workers, and anyone else who can help support us!


Second, we are creating a letter campaign to send stickers of the above logo and letters to every single candidate running for office. We need people to help purchase stamps, print letters, research mailing addresses, stuff envelopes, and send them to the post office. If you can help, please contact me at FloridaBeerBlog at gmail.com or a direct message on the social media channel of your choice.

Also, share this with your favorite local brewery and see if they can help out too!

Thank you so much for your time, and hopefully this election year we can turn the tide towards favorable waters for Florida Craft Beer!