Brew Review – Peanut Butter Porter by Fort Myers Brewing @FMBrew

I would love to know who first decided to put peanuts in a porter. I would probably shake that person’s hand as well.

Not only is this treatment sort of an underground requirement for any brewery that has a solid porter on their list, but it’s also a fantastic beverage when it is done well. Of course there’s a balancing act to be had, since you need a solid, noticeable peanut butter flavor to the porter, or else the whole thing falls apart. But you also can’t go to heavy and make it an overflavored nut bomb.

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Brewery Visit – Riptide Brewing, Bonita Springs

How often do you visit a brand new brewery you’ve been to before?

It’s a situation I’ve only had a few times in my life, but when the brewery space remains the same but undergoes a complete change of branding, look, and even ownership, the entire experience can be very different.

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Brew Review – July ’21 Beers at Bone Hook Brewing @BoneHookBrewing

Look, I know a brewery is the dumbest place to go low carb, but it works, and it works well, if you know what to do.

We discovered that on our recent trip to Naples to interview William Vaughn, brewmaster at Bone Hook Brewing. As an aside, I am firmly aware that doing keto and writing a beer blog are the complete antithesis of each other.

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Brew Review – No Mames by Tripping Animals @TrippingAnimals

On a trip to Los Angeles a few years ago, I came across a bit of Spanish graffiti in the men’s restroom of one of many breweries I was at.

I don’t speak the language, and I made sure to take a picture of it to bring home to ask about. Direct translation is one thing, understanding the cultural inflection is far different. And so my translator informed me that the phrase that I had seen was a very Mexican way of stating, basically, that women with a certain body type would be more predisposed to go home with you at the end of the night.

I will leave it there.

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Brew Review – Void Shaker by Funky Buddha @FunkyBuddhaBrew

Sometimes the beers come my way and you need to let them sit for a bit. Sometimes the beers need to be fresh.

And them sometimes people decide the traditional 22 oz. bomber just isn’t the way to go anymore, and releasing beers in a 4-pack allows you to do both, for Pete’s sake.

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Brew Review – Electric Blue by High Springs

The head brewer and co-founder of High Springs Brewing in High Springs, FL, once told me people really come to the area to cave dive, tube down the river, and go antiquing.

I don’t want to go diving anymore, antiquing sounds worse than dental surgery, but I am totally game for the tubing.

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