Brew Review – Circle Hook by 3 Daughters @3DBrewing

I’m not sure why, but a circle hook just sounds that much more painful.

If you remember some weeks ago, I reviewed Double Hook by 3 Daughters Brewing. If you’ve seen their beers, there is a distinct fishing theme to a lot of them, from their core beers (Rod Bender Red, anyone?) to some of their seasonal releases.

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Brew Review – Monk in the Trunk Amber Ale by Inlet Brewing Company

For longer than I have been writing this blog, Monk in the Trunk has been a staple of South Florida beer.

It’s always sort of been there, with the chubby bald monk gleefully grinning with a beer in hand and the Jupiter Inlet lighthouse in the background, both radiating a warm welcome to South Florida.

The funny thing is, I know almost nothing about them. I’ve never been able to find out an owner, and they have no physical location to speak of. Previously, their beers were contract brewed out of state, but recently they’ve been producing at Pompano Beach stalwart 26 Degree Brewing.

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Brew Review – Wafflecone Caramel Fudge Stout by Khoffner Brewing

That is a title I never thought I would write.

And if you look at it, really look at it, it’s a little amazing.

First of all, a waffle cone caramel fudge stout feels like it should be served with a floater of whipped cream or something. It’s taken the penchant of Florida beer drinkers to like their dark beers by way of a sundae and moved it to an almost absurd height.

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Brew Review – Tater by Magnanimous Brewing

Not that I am one to readily promote other podcasts, especially ones that have significantly higher listenership that mine, but 99 Percent Invisible is a fantastic listen if you are interested in the design behind things that you don’t readily consider in your daily life. Think of things like curbs, or car stereo visual displays, or license plates.

It’s the license plate one that instantly came to mind with today’s beer, mostly because how much animosity and legal trouble the concept of a license plate created in this country. And the people that hate license plates the most seem to be from Idaho.

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Brew Review – Moodoo Voodoo by Pompano Beach Brewing @PompanoBrewing

I have seen many breweries that have changed their logos, word marks, colors, etc. in an effort to rebrand and stay fresh.

I’ve written plenty about Riptide Brewing doing this in Naples, at this point I think everybody’s seen the refresh Cigar City received a couple of years ago, and it’s come to other breweries like Due South, Big Storm, and so on. The name usually stays the same, which is why I am so intrigued by Pompano Beach Brewing Company.

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Brew Review – Recreational Wit by Ankrolab Brewing

I start today’s post with food trucks, only because (and forgive me for not knowing too many details) on my way to Ankrolab in Naples, my family and I passed by a rather interesting looking food truck installation.

You know how some elementary schools, instead of having a giant building, instead build a series of covered walkways in between portable classrooms?

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Brew Review – Blueberry Pastelito by Beat Culture

To understand the nature of South Florida cuisine is to accept the inevitability of a guava pastelito in your life.

This guava paste-filled pastry goodness is ubiquitous and iconic. Florida Brewers raised on such a pastry have a tendency, almost an obligation, to throw out a guava pastelito beer at least once.

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