Brew Review – Dragumball Ramune by Spanish Marie

It took me a long time to figure out how to start this article, I’m not totally sure I know what to do with it even now.

If we start by talking about Chuhai, which is sort of like an alcoholic ramune. If you don’t know ramune, it’s the famous Japanese marble soda, which is basically Sprite but with the added fun of having to shove a giant glass marble out of the way to actually consume the beverage.

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Brew Review – Perdido by Lost City

I’m not sure why, but for some reason just the label art for this beer is fantastically inviting.

While many of the other beer names that Lost City does hearken a little bit more to their status as bona fide sci-fi and fantasy ethusiasts (seriously, there’s a lot of Lord of the Rings love in that building), their cans are the exact opposite, and contain a deep, mysterious archeological feel that remains popular.

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Brew Review – Foxtail Coffee Blonde by Ravenous Pig

It’s always a bit of a bummer on my end when I find a brewery, only to find what they are brewing is coffee.

I appreciate the artistry of coffee, but I am not an ideal coffee drinker. I am nowhere near able to discern varieties, regions, and what not. My exposure to coffee is basically a cup of brown decaf who’s main function is life is to serve as a vehicle for creamer.

If you have cringed at that statement, please accept my apologies.

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Brew Review – Ethereal Void by Unseen Creatures

Oh my Cascadian Ale, how I have missed you.

They have long since fallen from popularity, but I was incredibly happy when the Cascadian, or Black IPA, ruled the roost.

Okay, it never truly ruled, but it was popular enough to where it was available most places you wanted to find a quality beer. It’s a really wonderful style, pairing richly dark roasted malts with the amped up bitterness of an IPA. It’s almost like an overhopped porter, but somehow manages to keep half of its weight firmly in IPA territory.

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Brew Review – Leche de Tigre by 26 Degree Brewing

Sometimes a beer will call to me because it’s a tried and true standard, something I’ve been wanting to see or had been enjoying and I’m able to find it.

Sometimes a beer calls to me because it is so wildly out in left field and I’ve never seen anything like it before, doubtful I will see anything like it ever again.

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Brew Review – Berries on Berries by Ellipsis Brewing

I didn’t expect it to be blue.

I mean it’s blue, it’s really blue. Like hyper blue.

Backtracking, this is Ellipsis Brewing, basically the secondary cell phone lot for Orlando International Airport. They have no qualms about some of the most bizarre and vibrant colors for their beers.

On a trip there to record them for a past episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, one of the beers I tried was bright lime green. These aren’t beer hues as much as they are monorail colors.

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Event Review – Woop Woop Beer Fest at Bay 13 Brewing – Part 1

It’s the name. I love the name, I just never got a chance to figure out where it was from.

If you have been listening to the Florida Beer Podcast, you will see that our last few episodes dealt with Bay 13 Brewing, a wonderful Australian brewpub located in the Alhambra area of downtown Coral Gables.

Another episode dealt with Woop Woop Beer Fest, their first ever festival that occurred in January of 2023.

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