Brew Review – Robonaur Red Ale by Playalinda Brewing @playalindabrews

I am very jealous anybody who has been on the Space Coast recently. With the recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 astronauts walking on the moon, everybody in the area turned out all the bells and whistles (and beeps and alarms and contact lights) to celebrate this momentous event.

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Brew Review – Summer ’19 and Podcasting at SaltWater Brewery @saltwaterbrewer

It’s funny how often Delray Beach’s SaltWater Brewery comes around in my life. It just sort of happens on a regular basis. A few weeks ago, I also figured it would be the perfect place to meet up with Jaime and Glenn, the producers behind the Florida Podcast Network.

If you’re keeping score, they’re the ones that picked up the Florida Beer Podcast to make it sound ever so nicer and bring it to even more people than ever before.

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Brew Review – Augen der Liebe & Penguin P.I. by Ulele @Uleletampa

It’s always something special when you get to eat at the table favored the owner of a restaurant whose company has been in business for well over a hundred years.

Sure, that table is close to the business end of a gigantic horse statue, but that’s as maybe.

So we found ourselves in Tampa recently, and it’s almost a requirement to head to Ulele, easily one of the best brew pubs in the state of Florida.

Actually, I’m just going to say it’s one of the best breweries in the country. It really is that good.

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Brew Review – Be Mine & 2019 Grand Cru by Barrel of Monks @barrelofmonks

By now, I hope that you have been able to see the podcast that I recorded from the recent Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest in West Palm.

If you didn’t, I recorded a podcast from the event with Kevin Rolston from 97.9 WRMF’s KVJ Show, Tiffani, the beer director from DAS Craft Beer and Pizza (Also our sponsor), and yours truly. Together, we interviewed several breweries that were pouring at the event, half of which were from South Florida.

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Brew Review – Half Barrel Beer Project Spring ’19 Podcast Interview

I continue to surprise people with the knowledge that a place like Half Barrel Beer Project exists. It is such a fantastic little place tucked away in a section of Orlando that I don’t think anybody would expect something like them to be.

As usual, I’m going to plug the Florida Beer Podcast, as we had a great interview with co-owners Josh and Scott about their location, brewing in the area, and Orlando beer as a whole that got published in Episode 20.

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Event – Ocean Brews and Blues

It’s been a bit of time since I was at the Ocean Brews and Blues event in Deerfield Beach, but in recent days it came to mind as one of the better beer festivals in the area.

It’s on Deerfield Beach, literally on the beach. As a result, it’s not necessarily blocked off and welcomes people of all ages to the event. (That doesn’t mean anyone can come up and get beer; you still need to buy a wristband).

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Brewery Visit – Castle Church Brewing @churchbrew

It was a minor victory to finally get to Castle Church Brewing Community, located just off Semoran Blvd., maybe a few minutes away from Orlando International Airport. It’s a little hard to believe that there is a religious institution there, especially with the gigantic golden temple almost across the street.

Inside, the first word that comes to mind is efficiency. Castle Church was the first business in the space, and they had a great time planning the layout to make everything practically perfect for them.

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