Brew Review – Cntl+Malt+Del Malt Liquor by 3 Daughters @3dbrewing

Not going to lie, when I saw that St. Pete’s 3 Daughters had sent me, of all things, a malt liquor, this was the only thing I could think of:

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5 Best Xmas gifts for beer lovers from

It is that time of year when everything shines brightly and everything seems better and prettier. The holiday season is dear to all of us because we have few days off to celebrate with our families and give them presents. I want to focus on the special category of presents and that are presents for beer lovers. There is no better way to show a beer lover that you love him than something from this list.

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Miami Beer Scene with Miami Party Bus

Whether it’s a biergarten or a tasting room, there’s no denying that beer destinations are popping up around town. It’s part of a nation wide trend that’s finding a home in Florida, and Miami is considered a big contender in the game. For those who enjoy brews and learning more about the process behind their favorite beverage, breweries offer a comforting and simultaneously exciting experience. There’s a lot of nightlife to sift through when you’re searching for the best possible beer destinations, and we’ve done some of the work for you by listing some of the locals favorite spots to head to.

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A Guide to the Orlando Beer Scene from Orlando Party Bus

Did you know that Florida ranks tenth in the nation when it comes to the craft brewery scene? Orlando is just one of the cities capitalizing on this trend, and it’s one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If there’s one thing that’s true in the night life scene in Orlando, it’s that people love their craft beer. There are quite a lot of options to choose from if you’re planning on embarking on brew tour in the area, so how do you know which ones to prioritize first? Check out the highest rated beer destinations in Orlando below! Continue reading

Press Release – Bousa Brewing Co. Opens Doors in Miami’s Little River District @bousabrewing

Bousa Brewing Company, the newest craft brewery in South Florida and Little River District’s first independent brewery, will celebrate the official grand opening of their taproom on Friday, November 10, starting at 7pm.
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Brewery Visit – Palm City Brewing @PalmCityBrewing

Look, another industrial park.”

My wife wasn’t exactly kidding when she said that. As Florida’s craft beer scene continues to grow, that growth – more often than not – tends to be in industrial parks. They’re spacious, have plenty of parking when regular businesses are closed but tap rooms are open, and have the necessary zoning for when breweries want to expand and distribute. 

This is how we found ourselves, and our 2-year old daughter, heading into the Alico Commercial Park in Ft. Myers. 

The brewery in question is Palm City Brewing, opened this summer by high school basketball coach turned brewer and owner Ryan Bowen. Ryan homebrewed for years, finally opening up a brewery after receiving the blessing and financial know-how of his wife Marianne almost five years ago. 

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