Brew Review – M.I.A. Sharona by MIA Brewing @MIABrewing

As much as I would love for this post to go into a short history lesson of German beers and brewing in our Sunny Neighbor to the South, but MIA did name this beer after a classic Knack song. Which is why I had to sing this after ordering M.I.A. Sharona (Mexican Lager, 5.1% ABV):

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Brew Review – Beach Hippie by Persimmon Hollow @persimmonhollow

Beaches are fine places. The community surrounding your average beach is quite … special. 

It’s usually a melange of ratty souvenir stores, all-night fortune tellers, and guys riding around on beachcomber bikes that haven’t worn a shirt since the Carter administration. 

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Brew Review – Giant Panda Porter at Big Bear Brewing

Technically, the panda is not a bear at all. It’s actually closer in relation to the racoon than it is to any bear. It’s a misconception many make. 

Technically, the Porter is not automatically the heaviest beer on a beer menu. It can actually be closer to a light beer than to an IPA or Russian Imperial Stout. It’s a misconception many still make. 

And kudos go out to Big Bear Brewing’s brewmaster Jeff Evans for the rather delicious experiment that is Giant Panda Porter (Porter, 4.25% ABV, 12 IBU). 

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Brew Review – Piddle by Pinellas Ale Works @pawbeer

Please, for the love of Pete (whoever that is) don’t take the name of this beer as an indication of quality. 

But the name Piddle (Pilsner, 4.9% ABV) is so practically perfect for a beer of this style. Theu both share the same golden hue, and it fits well with PAW’s great dog theme. 

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Brewery Visit – NOBO Brewing @nobobrewing

What’s in a name?

I’ve met Tim Dornblaser and his brother Steve off and on in the South Florida brewing circuit for a few years now. They fist started pounding the pavement in 2015 as Driftwood Ales, a business partnership with a few others that would eventually fall through. 

The Dornblaser Brothers would strike out on their own with the newly rebranded Lagerhead Brewing, and I still have their stickers smartly emblazoned with a black and silver loggerhead. By the time their own slice of the South Florida brewing pie had been carved out, they had rebranded again as NOBO Brewing. The name hearkens to their facility in north Boynton Beach, maybe a five minute walk from other breweries as Due South and Copperpoint. 

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