April 2021 Beers at Holy Mackerel

It’s just too much fun.

Holy Mackerel, as a brand, has been around for years. I remember it being well established when I started this blog over seven years ago. In that time, ownership has changed several times and now lands squarely in the hands of event planner and businessman Frank Barecich.

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Equipment Review – 250-Count Electric Cigar Humidor by NewAir USA @NewAirUSA

I like cigars. Always have, but now I’m really getting into them. In all that time, the storage is something that I’ve always struggled with.

Not so anymore, as I now have the 250-count Electric Cigar Humidor from NewAir USA. This thing makes everything a breeze. And after having lived with it for a couple weeks now, I can say it’s a worthwhile investment for cigar enthusiasts.

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Brew Review – April 2021 Beers at The Tank Brewing @TheTankBrewing

Someday I will learn how to properly pace my beers.

Back at The Tank recently, and very excited to have been interviewing Jose Luis Plasencia, vice president and fifth-generation member of the storied Plasencia family. We sat down with him and The Tank founder (and friend of the blog) Carlos Patron for a good interview coming soon to the Florida Beer Podcast.

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Brew Review – April 2021 at Beat Culture Brewing

It’s always something new from Alan Espino and his team at Beat Culture, both to beer drinkers and Miami in general. And so it was with bated breath that Producer Steve and I made the drive down to MIA to sample a couple more beers and record an update interview for the Florida Beer Podcast.

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