Brew Review – The Raven by Lake Tribe Brewing @LakeTribeBrew

Quoth The Raven, holy crap is this intense.

I have a soft spot for Gothic horror. I think deep down most people do, too. The first place everybody tends to start is Edgar Allan Poe, whom I enjoy. The Cask of Amontillado and The Tell-Tale Heart are two particular high points for me.

Do I find him as frightening as HP Lovecraft? Not really, but he’s still a great read. And, at this point, I’m pretty sure every single high schooler in the nation has read The Raven at least once.

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Brew Review – Que Melones & Piñazo by Descarga Brewing

To: Manny Jannes, Descarga Brewing Co.

Dear Manny,

I have a bone to pick with you, Mr. Doubter person you.

You assumed that I can’t hack some of your beers. You assumed that I’m too weak to drink everything you brew. And in case you don’t remember, let me jog your memory…

A few weeks ago, you and your crew were at the 2015 New Times Beerfest in Ft. Lauderdale. You brought a few beers with you. I started with Que Melones (Witbier, 5% ABV), which was excellent.

Que Melones by Descarga Brewing

Que Melones by Descarga Brewing

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Brew Review – Ookapow Brewing at New Times Beerfest

I have to start with an explanation of the name, because it’s not everyday that someone releases beers under a name that’s reminiscent of a fight scene in the old Batman television series.

Damian Ramos is a brewer that is originally from up north, likes movies, and has the same problem that almost everyone in the brewing industry is having: naming. It’s getting harder to find names since everyone has taken everything already. So what does he do? He watches his favorite film, the 90’s cyberpunk cheesetacular Hackers. You remember Hackers, right?

Anyway, in between Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie ‘hacking’ into computers and whatever was going on with Matthew Lillard’s hair, two of the characters greet each other with a half-hearted impromptu kung-fu fight, exclaiming with gusto the half-hearted onomatopoeia “Ooka-pow!”

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Brewery Visit – Concrete Beach Brewery

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have given 24th St. in Miami a second thought. It’s in Wynwood, so it’s gorgeous, but I just wouldn’t have stopped for any reason. And now a three block radius of this street has become ground zero for the exploding Miami craft beer scene.

At one end is the now gold medal-winning Wynwood Brewing. The other side contains the incredibly hip new J. Wakefield Brewing.

In the middle is Concrete Beach Brewery.

Sola, the 'face' of Concrete Beach Brewery, on one of their brewing tanks.

Sola, the ‘face’ of Concrete Beach Brewery, on one of their brewing tanks.

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Project Yeast 001 at LauderAle

Well, that was a good time.

Project Yeast 001 Crowd at LauderAle

Project Yeast 001 Crowd at LauderAle

Last night, Ft. Lauderdale’s hot new brewery LauderAle threw an inventive tasting titled Project Yeast 001. Basically, the event started with a barrel of English Bitter (4.3% to 5.3% ABV, 26 IBU) brewed with Maris Otter & Crystal 60 malts and Magnum & East Kent Goldings hops.

And that, dear readers, is where the similarities end. That barrel of Bitter was divided into 8 equal pieces and pitched with a different yeast. Each of the now-distinct bitters was conditioned for 45 days.

Last night was the big tasting event. $10 got you two 4-glass sample flight comprising the entire 8-batch experiment and an ultra-detailed information packet with a lot of information about the recipes, yeasts, and tasting notes. People at the event were also given detailed tasting sheets to write what they thought about each of the beers. Continue reading