Brew Review – Cerveza La Tropical by Concrete Beach Brewing @concretebeachfl @latropicalbeer

And just like that, a ghost from the past is brought back to vibrant life.

On Sunday, March 22nd, Concrete Beach Brewing premiered their oldest new beer, Cerveza La Tropical. This beer was the first brewed in Cuba, and comprised up to 60% of Cuban beer sales before it became a victim of Castro’s regime.


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Carnival Cruise Lines & Concrete Beach team up to make Brewery onboard Carnival Vista

Carnival Cruise Line has partnered with Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewing to make RedFrog Brewery onboard the new Carnival Vista. This will mark the first time a brewery has been placed on board and will produce beers on a cruise ship.


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Brew Review – Que Quat Berliner Weisse by Concrete Beach

Many of you know that Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery will, on occasion, hold a contest where beer drinkers are invited to submit recipes for beers. One of those recipes are selected, and the winner gets to brew that recipe of Concrete Beach’s gorgeous system.

While nothing may match the sheer majesty and breathtaking glory of the first winning beer (just saying), Ft. Lauderdale resident Will Isaacson won with his submission of a whiskey-soaked kumquat sour ale.

The whiskey barrel aging may not have happened immediately, but the rest of the beer is ready to go in CBB’s Wynwood social hall as Que Quat (Berliner Weisse, 3.5% ABV).


Que Quat Berliner Weisse by Concrete Beach Brewing

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Brew Review – Floridafest by Concrete Beach Brewery

Marzens in October are a time a dozen. There’s. a lot, and they’re almost required for any brewer worth their salt.

The odd thing is you never really see that many adjuncts with your Octoberfest beers. Any why is that, really? We’ll throw just about anything in any other beer, but Marzens are sort of left alone.

It’s a robust beer, let’s play with it. Miami’s Concrete Beach did, and that’s how they decided on Floridafest (Marzen, 5.5% ABV).


Floridafest by Concrete Beach Brewery

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Summer 2015 Beers at Concrete Beach Brewery

I’ve been trying to make it fairly well known that I’ve been brewing a beer with my new buddies at Miami’s Concrete Beach Brewery. They’ve been noticeable around South Florida for a little while due to their six-packs of Rica and Stiltsville. The brewery, and head brewer Chris McGrath, have considerable leeway in what they want to brew for the social hall in Wynwood.

I had been there with my wife before they opened, but I had to go back when it was time for brew day for our Mojito Cream Ale. Naturally, Chris had expanded the options a great deal, and I had to try them all.
Life is so hard sometimes…

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Brewery Visit – Concrete Beach Brewery

Two years ago, I wouldn’t have given 24th St. in Miami a second thought. It’s in Wynwood, so it’s gorgeous, but I just wouldn’t have stopped for any reason. And now a three block radius of this street has become ground zero for the exploding Miami craft beer scene.

At one end is the now gold medal-winning Wynwood Brewing. The other side contains the incredibly hip new J. Wakefield Brewing.

In the middle is Concrete Beach Brewery.

Sola, the 'face' of Concrete Beach Brewery, on one of their brewing tanks.

Sola, the ‘face’ of Concrete Beach Brewery, on one of their brewing tanks.

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Brew Review – Stiltsville by Concrete Beach

I’m not sure how to take Concrete Beach Brewery.

One one hand, they seem to be an incredibly exciting new brewery that is opening in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, within skipping distance of J. Wakefield and the venerable (and recently gold medal-award winning) Wynwood Brewing.

On the other side of the coin, it takes little effort to follow Concrete Beach’s money trail up to it’s parent company Boston Beer Co., better known as Samuel Adams.

So, what’s a Florida beer drinker to do? Celebrate another craft brewer opening up and providing more choices and diversity in a burgeoning craft beer market? Or shove them off as a corporate cash grab masquerading as a family business?

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