Help out Melissa Wolf at 3 Daughters Brewing

Edit – She won! Yay! Congratulations to Melissa and thank you to everyone that voted to help out one of your own in the craft beer community.


Original article:

Okay, here’s the background: Squaremouth is a travel insurance company based in St. Petersburg, FL. Basically, if you want to insure future travel, they can apparently do it all.

They have also been running a Thank You campaign to promote service industry employees in and around St. Pete. It involved visits to plenty of service locations (hotels, restaurants, etc.) in the area, saw who gave them the absolute best customer service (anonymously, of course), and presented the top 20 with $1,000.

One of those 20 people was Melissa Wolf from 3 Daughters Brewing.

Melissa Wolf from 3 Daughters Brewing. Image courtesy of Squaremouth.

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