Brew Review – 64 oz. to Freedom by SaltWater and Native

I could tell you this is a simple article about a witbier, but that’s just no fun. Instead, let’s give you the background.

First, unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you will know that the State of Florida finally legalized the 64 oz. growler, the most popular size of take-home draft beer containers around the country. Sure, we had 32 oz growlers and 128 oz. growlers, but nothing in the middle. Now, we’re good. Continue reading

Homebrewing Supplies at Craft Beer Cartel

And we now have homebrewing supplies in Broward County. Finally.

Craft Beer Cartel

Craft Beer Cartel

By now I am sure many of you have heard me talk about Ft. Lauderdale’s iconic Riverside Market. I’ve written about them, and even done a few beer reviews from drafts I’ve gotten there.

Well, they purchased another building that’s sort of catty-corner from them and opened up Craft Beer Cartel. And this place has a lot going for it.

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