Brew Review – Radler by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing

This is, honestly, the first time I’ve written about a radler on the blog.

A radler, for the uninitiated, is only half beer. It’s usually a blonde-ish ale that has been mixed with a fruit juice, usually grapefruit juice.

I haven’t heard of too many Florida breweries doing this, and then Due South had to go an can a Radler (Radler, 3.6% ABV) of their own, and it’s incredibly good.


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Brew Review – Dry Hopped Series: Mosaic by Due South Brewing @duesouthbrewing

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s 4-20.

I don’t schmoke. Not really a big deal to me.

And I know that many people like to talk at length about the scientific connection between hops and cannabis. Apparently it’s not as strong as I had previously thought, but I’ll take a good angle for a blog post wherever I can find it.

What is so cool in craft beer is that some breweries like to make beers that showcase specific hops. Due South in Boynton Beach is doing that with their Dry Hopped series of pale ales.

It’s the same pale, but they add copious amounts of a different hop in and around fermentation. Most are only on tap at the brewery, including their El Dorado hopping which I would desperately love to try.

Their canned variety which I was able to try was their Dry Hopped Series: Mosaic (Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV).


Dry Hopped Series by Due South

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Brew Review – Chocolate Peppermint Stout by Due South

If this is what the holidays are always going to be like from now on, count me in.

For some time now, the big, traditional December speciality beer release has been Winter Warmers, basically overly spiced Russian Imperial Stouts. These tend to be heavy, syrupy, and can sometimes be used as motor oil if need be.

But the newer trend which is picking up a lot of steam is peppermint. Not everything, but mainly peppermint porters and stouts.

And if you’re concerned about it tasting like mouthwash, then travel to Due South Brewing in Boynton Beach and grab a pack of Chocolate Peppermint Stout (Stout, 5.6% ABV).


Chocolate Peppermint Stout by Due South Brewing

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Brew Review – Brass Dunkel, That Funky Dunkel by Due South Brewing

And yea, it does continue, I shall search high and low, near and far, for mine ears do perk and my appetite doth whet for the dunkelweisen.

I. Love. Dunkelweizens. If you haven’t heard the term before, it’s basically a dark wheat beer. A hefeweizen where the barley portion of the malt bill is roasted longer and darker than usual.

It’s also not a style I usually find around Florida. With all of the breweries I’ve been to and Florida beers I’ve tried, I’ve had precisely two.

Add a third to that list with Brass Dunkel, That Funky Dunkel (Dunkelweizen, 5.1% ABV) from Due South Brewing.


Brass Dunkel by Due South Brewing

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Brew Review – Oktoberfest by Due South

Okay, readers, it’s time for a brief history lesson.
Octoberfest, as a concept and event, has it’s roots in the German town of Munich. It was there that a festival and horse race was held to honor the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese.

Clearly, a pair of rockin’ hep cats.

The event was repeated, and gradually expanded to include carnival games and rides, parades, and an agricultural fair.

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Brew Review – Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

There’s something about saying the words Black IPA that bring up a very interesting mental image of pirates, or zombies, or something dark and scary.

And while there are a few people at Boynton Beach’s Due South Brewing that I could tease using that exact description, I am going to resist the obvious temptation and go straight for Due South’s latest can release, an interesting Black IPA by the not-scary at all name of Midnight Marauder (Black IPA, 7.7% ABV, 50 IBU).

Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

Midnight Marauder by Due South Brewing

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Brew Review – Descension & Mr. Crowley by Due South

Brian is a madman. Just saying.

Brian is a regional sales manager with Due South Brewing. Brian keeps running into me. And, as I said before, Brian is a madman.

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