Brew Review – Salty Buddha by SaltWater Brewery/Funky Buddha

Some brewers aren’t interested in collaborations, some love them, and there are some that will do them, but don’t make a point of going absolutely crazy.

Two of those that fit into the last category are Delray Beach’s SaltWater Brewery and Oakland Park’s Funky Buddha Brewery, in separate counties but only 30 minutes away.

If you’re at this point in the article and you haven’t figured out they did a collaboration, you are sad and should cry salty tears. Salty, like their Salty Buddha (Gose, 3.45% ABV) which is now on tap at SaltWater’s tap room.


Salty Buddha by SaltWater Brewer and Funky Buddha

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Brew Review – Iron and Barleywine by Funky Buddha @funkybuddhabrew

Funky Buddha has become quite close and cozy with grape must.

Must is freshly-pressed grape juice, with all of the skins, seeds, twigs, and other stuff still there. Those solids (called pumice) are kept in the juice as a flavoring, then filtered out and pasteurized to make grape juice, or fermented to become wine.

A few months ago, I tried Undefeated Saison which featured, among other ingredients, Concord grape must. Quite delicious, and provided a great sweetness to the beer.

Of course I was excited to see that grape must was an important ingredient to their new bottle release, Iron and Barleywine (English Barleywine, 10.5% ABV, 30 IBU).


Iron and Barleywine by Funky Buddha

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Brew Review – Vanilla Espresso Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

My boss is an IPA fan. He wants his beers to be as hoppy as possible. And he can’t understand as to why people would put anything as crazy as coffee into beers.

I don’t understand the man at all.

Coffee was made to be put into beer. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the partnership between the two has become so ubitquitous that the style and roaster of the coffee is now becoming an important concern when it comes to brewing a coffee-infused beer.

While regular coffee is used in amy beers to good effect, South Florida tends to gravitate towards stronger stuff. For evidence, look at Funky Buddha Brewing’s Vanilla Espresso Porter (Porter, 6.4% ABV).


Vanilla Espresso Porter by Funky Buddha Brewery

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Brew Review – Barrel Aged Imperial Pina Colada by Funky Buddha Brewery

Many moons ago, I did an interview with Ryan Sentz, the co-owner and brewing genius at Funky Buddha Brewing in Oakland Park/Boca Raton. Our conversation ended up drifting to expectations for different styles of beers.

Basically, as Ryan said, if you have a style everyone knows about (in this instance, we took their tripel Triple Lindy), expectations are higher vs. a beer that few have heard about, much less try. For that beer, we discussed their Pina Colada Wheat ale.

These days, I’ve seen a few more of those around. So… What is Funky Buddha supposed to do?

Apparently, go crazy with Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Pina Colada (Hefeweizen, 11.5% ABV).


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Brew Review – Cantaloupe Vanilla Lager by Funky Buddha

Sometimes it’s funny when beers just sort of fall into your lap.

For some time now, I’ve been planning to brew a cantaloupe beer. I’m sure I will put more details about this once I finish brewing it, but it’s something that’s been simmering in my mind for a little while.

And you know, I’ve never personally seen a cantaloupe beer. Until I went to Funky Buddha recently.

And wouldn’t you know it, they had one. Slightly different than what I have in my mind, but there on the tap list was a Cantaloupe Vanilla Lager (Lager, 6% ABV).


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Brew Review – 42 Truths by Funky Buddha Brewery

Any truth is better than indefinite doubt.

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of the most influential craft beer bars in the South Florida area has to be Tap 42. There are two locations, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. They both have lengthy tap lists, and weekend brunches where i hear tell of rumors of bottomless drafts of Floridian by Funky Buddha Brewery.

Only that won’t be the most interesting Funky Buddha beer there anymore. The two have teamed up, and today is the day that 42 Truths (Pale Ale, 6% ABV) releases at both the Funky Buddha tap room in Oakland Park and Tap 42 in Ft. Lauderdale. The Boca location will get it on Thursday.

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Brew Review – I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared by Funky Buddha

This is the first and last time I ever want to review a beer that was named after anything related to Saved By The Bell.

Yeah, so in one particularly infamous episode, the one character played by that one actress whose career highlight is this and Showgirls gets addicted to caffeine pills. Apparently, she’s trying to study, and is in a singing group, and is upset by how outrageously voluminous her hair is and being trapped in a tie-dye neon nightmare of a show, so she goes into this Pointer Sisters-themed breakdown:

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