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Not being from North Florida, I’m not as familiar with the dynamics of who the Big Brewers on Campus are. Tampa? Cigar City, easily. Space Coast? Florida Beer Co. Funky Buddha is claiming its stake to South Florida. But North Florida?

Luckily, there’s an easy way for me to test: Publix. I have come to the conclusion that if your brewery is big enough for Publix to carry your beer, you have grown respectably large enough to be considered one of the tops in the area.

Two breweries had that distinction in North Florida, at least in St. Augustine. I posted about Bold City earlier; right now, we’ll look at Intuition Ale Works.


Based in Jacksonville, the brewery was started by this guy Ben Davis. He started his career spending time making alcoholic beverages that were not beer in lots of places that were not Florida. Ben returned to Jax, brewed for over 2 years in his garage, and now there’s a giant brewery of his in North Florida.

So, back to Publix.

I’m kicking myself for this now, but there were two Intuition beers available in cans I never tried. I should have. I really should have, but I did not avail myself of People’s Pale Ale or I-10 IPA. I will have to try to later.

(Side Note: Both Intuition and Orlando Brewing have IPAs named after Interstates. More Florida breweries need to do this. Just saying.)


While at Publix, I did pick up a pack of Jon Boat Coastal Ale, which is a very simple, light, golden, crisp ale. It’s a kölsch, so it’s going to have a hoppiness bigger than, say, a wheat beer, but noticeably less than a pale ale.

And that was it. That was what I expected to have as my sole introduction to Intuition Ale Works. Then, this happened:


From my post on Pinglehead Imperial Red, you will remember exactly how much I loved Mojo BBQ in St. Augustine, across from the Tolomato cemetery. Apart from the fantastic food (including a disturbingly huge pile of onion rings), they had a great selection of local beer.

On my first visit there, I decided on that beautiful goblet above, Intuition’s King St. Stout. Named for the Jacksonville road Intuition Ale Works is located on, this has pretty much become one of my favorite stouts. Period.

It’s dark, in both color and flavor. Gorgeous head, a nice, slightly chewy mouth feel with a great finish. Intuition started bottling limited runs of the stout, but it’s only available at their brewery in Jacksonville. And I’m not getting there any time soon. So sad for me…

As I’m writing this, I may be 2 days away from getting a 6 pack of People’s Pale Ale. I’m looking forward to it.

Now to get more of that stout…

Drink Florida Craft,


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The Future of Miami Beer

About a week ago, this post started circulating around the internet. It’s a listing of what the writer calls “The ten best ’emerging’ beer towns.” Naturally, I was happy to say that I was pleased when Florida’s own Tampa came in at number one. Bolstered by the likes of Cigar City, Dunedin Brewery, 3 Daughters, Green Bench, and Florida Avenue, the author (and any self-respecting beer aficionado) would easily be able to call Tampa a Florida craftbeer mecca.

2014-01-25 11.20.41

Craft Beers from Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing

And then I pondered further. And I realized that Tampa has the ‘craft beer mecca’ title pretty well established. Jacksonville is, too. Just look at Bold City, Intuition, Engine 15, Pinglehead, and so on.

For my money, the emerging craft beer town in Florida is Miami.

Seriously, take a look at what the city has. Miami Brewing got started a few years ago and is now distributing across the region. Wynwood Brewing is a year old and is starting to bottle their special brews. Titanic Brewing is established, so is The Abbey. Plus M.I.A., J. Wakefield, and Concrete Beach Brewery are all about to open tap rooms. And if you add Ft. Lauderdale to the mix, then you can add places like LauderAle, Coral Springs Tap House, and the venerated Funky Buddha.

2014-05-09 20.25.48-2

Beer flight from Wynwood Brewing

To the author, I say Tampa is a wonderful city (Go Lightning) and a craft beer haven all Floridians are proud of. But they are nicely established. For the major movers in the Florida craft beer industry, set you sights southward.


Drink Florida Craft,