Brew Review – Golden Ratio Hoppy Lager by Unseen Creatures @UnseenCreatures

I can put my finger on my favorite cartoon from my childhood.

I’m sure the hip thing to say is something like Thundercats or My Little Pony, or even something slightly unknown like American Rabbit. I am, however, steadfast in my viewpoint that Donald Duck in Mathmagicland was the bomb.

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Brew Review – Pog Slammer by Beat Culture

Pogs. Seriously, pogs.

How can you not love bringing that particular piece of the 90’s back? If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you clearly missed out on one of the greatest flash in the pan collectibles in the 3 decades: Pogs.

For the uninitiated, pogs started off as the cardboard caps on bottles of juice made by dairies in Maui, Hawaii. The name of the drink was an acronym of the juices mixed to make the beverage, passionfruit, orange, and guava. Continue reading

The Seltzerbot 5000 (NewAir 160 Can Beverage Fridge) with Funky Buddha Seltzer @NewAirUSA @FunkyBuddhaBrew #shareyournewair

I have been mentioning it, but it’s time to reveal the fully stocked and operational Selterbot 5000! In reality, it’s the New Air 160 Can freestanding beverage fridge in stainless steel (SKU: NBC160SS00). And because of things, i have now fully stocked it with hard seltzers. Fully stocked.


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Sake San by Beat Culture Brewing

It’s always with a touch of irony that I pass by cases of Bud Light that prominently advertise rice as one of their ingredients. For most brewers, it is understood that the rice is a cheap adjunct added to water down the beer making it cheaper to produce.

And yet in craft beer circles the rice lager shows up time and again. It’s always with a bit of trepidation that I enjoy one, seeing as I hope more for the flavors and nuances of a well-crafted sake, a rice wine that actually has more in connection with beer than wine. It’s that or a watered-down sparkling water beverage that you get in huge packs. Continue reading

Brew Review – Annual Passholder by Dissent Craft Brewing

I will go ahead and state it now, I am firmly of the belief that if the State of Florida has an official dessert, it should be the Dole Whip.

Not that it can be found in a ton of places, but it’s sort of a mythical part of the cultural lexicon of the state. Sure, key lime pie is quite ubiquitous and actually made with ingredients from Florida, but it doesn’t hold quite the same fanatic status as the Dole Whip does. It’s a legendary beast unto itself.

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Brew Review – Coast to Coast Adventure Ale by Playalinda Brewing and Ross Piper Designs @PlayalindaBrews

Breweries collaborate with breweries all the time. It’s just part and parcel of the craft beer community. But what really excites me is when a brewery collaborates with somebody who is not a brewer, but obviously likes craft beer, and make something a little bit special and different.

I had no idea that was what I was getting into when I picked up a six pack from Playalinda Brewing in Titusville. To be sure, it was the bicycle on the artwork that immediately grabbed my attention. I used to cycle many years ago, and I’m sad to say my Specialized Tarmac continues to collect dust in my garage. Once I’m a little bit more comfortable I should jump back on and get some miles in.

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Brew Review – The Dude White Russian Imperial Stout by Aardwolf Brewing

When I first heard about Aardwolf Brewing, based out of Jacksonville, I will admit I thought they made the aardwolf up. Like it was some sort of inside joke, the fusion of an aardvark and a wolf not entirely unlike a jackelope. 


Image courtesy of Aardwolf Brewing.


The aardwolf is apparently a close relative of the hyena, living in southern and eastern Africa. The aardvark quality comes in its diet, preferably termites and insect larvae, and eating them with a long, sticky tongue.


Exhibit 1 - The Aardwolf in its native habitat.

How a brewery in Jacksonville decided on this for the name of their business I will never know. Not until I hear from them, of course. 

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Brew Review – People’s Pale Ale by Intuition Ale Works

Yay Jacksonville!

There’s a lot of good brewing going on up there, and unfortunately I just don’t get a lot of it. Every so often I can get north just far enough to grab a few. That’s how I got a can of Intuition Ale Works’ highly regarded flagship beer People’s Pale Ale (5.3% ABV, 28 IBU). Continue reading