Brew Review – Mas Hops by Concrete Beach Brewing

It’s an oddly macabre hobby of mine to review beers from breweries that are gone. I have such a bottle that I’ll be saving for Halloween Night, but in the meantime, I have a few cans from the recently departed Concrete Beach Brewery in Miami.

And before someone attacks me with the realities of the situation, don’t bother. I know them all too well, I know what’s going on, relax.

The fact that they are being redesigned into Dogfish Head Miami doesn’t change the fact that most of the beers are going away, including Mas Hops (Double IPA, 10% ABV, 65 IBU).

This was definitely one of those beers where you knew what you were getting yourself into. It has hops right there in the name, how could it not be big and bitter? There’s a ton of dankness to be had here, with an almost inexcusable amount of piney resin mixed with gigantic notes of lemon and grapefruit. There’s also a strong caramel backbone, bringing in a chewy mouthfeel and syrupy consistency to the finished product.

You sort of knew in advance if you were going to be the kind of person that would appreciate this beer. And if you are, well, there’s a good chance you can find a stray six pack somewhere on store shelves in South Florida. If not, then we will wait and see what happens with Dogfish Head Miami.

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