Brew Review – Beer For Bombs by 26 Degree Brewing

It is rare to have a beer whose name can be taken so literally.

Knowing full well that I have readers at pretty much every wavelength of the political spectrum, I still hope that every reader can agree the current situation in Ukraine is horrendous. To see the loss of life and the utter destruction based on nothing more than the whims of a dictator is heartbreaking, but it’s also been affirming to see how much most of the world immediately came to support those in the fight against Russian occupation.

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Brew Review – Escoozy by Beat Culture

I have to wonder how far the name of today’s beer will travel.

Beat Culture is no stranger to using fun, quintessentially Miami phrases as the names for their beers. It’s how some of their top releases are named, and it’s how I was able to understand where the name comes from immediately once I managed to actually say the word Escoozy (Saison, 6% ABV).

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Brew Review – Clermont Champions Lager by Suncreek Brewery

There’s a fairly common cadence to Saturday mornings in the Central Florida triathlete community.

Stop one is to head to Universal to do 1 or 2 km in the water at Doc Lucky’s Lake Swim (and if you know, yes, I am on the wall).

There are some people that leave their cars and jump on a bike, but most of us grabbed our bikes and headed to Winter Garden to ride the West Orange Trail.

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Brew Review – Hollerbach’s Kolsch by 3 Daughters Brewing and Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe

My knowledge of St. Pete far exceeds what I know of Sanford. And if you asked me for a city in Florida that has an authentic German dining experience, the recently permanently shuttered Hofbrauhaus in St. Pete would probably be second or third on the list, behind the obvious Epcot tag and Black Forest in Naples.

But I need to add Sanford to that list, and Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Cafe. Opened in 2001, the award-winning restaurant is the brainchild of Theo and Linda Hollerback, and was greatly inspired by Theo’s time in Germany in the 1970’s.

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