Event – Growing a Garden at @Lauderale

What’s nice about most breweries these days is not only are they hosting beer events (obviously), but they’re also getting a lot of alternative events for people to come out and do while they’re enjoying their beers.

One of the most common are painting events, where for a set price patrons get a beer, a blank canvas, paint, and guided instruction for how to paint a specific picture. There are a lot of breweries around Florida that do that (and I even remember getting kicked out of my seat at one place in Los Angeles because they wanted to put a canvas there. How rude…).

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Brew Review – Sun Juggler by Ft. Myers Brewing @FMBrew

I know I’ve said this before, but I love that business parks are always found with at least one brewery lurking in the darkness.

Such is the case with Fort Myers Brewing, a place that I have been to once before, but enjoyed coming back to again. It was easy to find, with large black and white signs advertising the brewery in large, friendly letters.

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Brewery Visit – Right Around the Corner

It is easy to find a brewery in St Petersburg.

Heck, on my last trip, I ended up driving by a few that I had no idea existed.

It is difficult however to find a brewery that goes above and beyond in its entertainment options to patrons. Yes, I am aware that every brewery is, at this point, legally obligated to provide giant Jenga and cornhole. Some of them will also have board games, maybe one of those Bahama ring toss games on the strings, and if you’re very lucky, maybe an old school Super Nintendo system setup in a corner.

Right Around the Corner Arcade and Brewery is very different.

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Brew Review – Due South Brewing June ’18 @duesouthbrewing

Sometimes you get delayed, sometimes a good blog post just takes time to craft.

Choose whichever you want as the reason for my delay in delivering the goods on a fantastic trio of beers coming from Due South. They were still fantastic and I’m still going to sing their praises.

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Brewery Visit – BrewPop Part 2

This is Part 2 of my visit to BrewPOP; you can read Part 1 here.

I had my first flight of the Big Effort series, I had pizza and mac & cheese to munch on, and now it was time for a visit to Grizzly country. Jerry had a big, awesome story explaining it, and there’s just no way I could remember it all.

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Brewery Visit – Inoculum Ale Works Tap Room @InoculumAW

It has been a long, strange road up to this point, but the Inoculum Brewing tap room is finally open.

It’s in St Pete, which is a great place for owner/brewmaster Nick Moensch to set up shop. It’s also about an hour away from his brewing facility in Brooksville, in slightly more upscale digs than the former brewpub that he has taken over.

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Brewery Visit – BrewPop Part 1

If you’re familiar with the study of film, you have probably heard of auteur theory. Basically, this theory states that the director of a film, through their use of such means as lighting, cinematography, editing, and direction, is and should be considered the true ‘author’ of the film. This would override other people such as the screenwriter or the producers, and make the end product the sole vision of the director.

There are some examples of this in brewing as well. Sometimes, one gets lucky and comes across a place that is unconcerned with current trends and popular styles, brewing almost exclusively for their own tastes and sensibilities.

So is the case with BrewPOP, a brewpub and winery located in Auburndale, Florida. A trip to BrewPOP should be considered a trip into the sole world of one Jerry Souders.

And it is a wonderful world to be in.

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Brew Review – Mission to Marzen by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

It is mid-August, the kids are back in school, there are political ads on the TV, and the temperatures will hopefully be dropping soon. All of this means it’s time for fall.

This is my wife’s favorite time of year, because she loves the changing colors, the cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and all of the fun holidays that will be coming in the next few months. The thing I truly love about the fall is that it’s Oktoberfest time.

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