Brew Review – Tampa Export by BarrieHaus Brew Co.

The last time I entered BarrieHaus Brew Co., they still hadn’t opened yet.

They were a couple of weeks away, and I was there for a quick preview interview for the Florida Beer Podcast, fresh off of another interview and heading towards a plane back home.

In the time between then and now, they opened and they exploded in popularity. It’s easy to see why, BarrieHaus has very happily taken the mantle of the classic German lager brewery in the Tampa Bay area.

You know the ones, they go straight down the line with all the classic German styles, bursting with Reinheitsgebot goodness. They are definitely a brewery not to be missed.

So here we are, half liter stein in hand, happily sipping on Tampa Export (German Export Lager, 5.7% ABV).

It’s a beautiful beer, very reminiscent a classic Festbier. It pours crystal clear and lightly golden, with a solid white foamy head courtesy of the wonderful side pull taps they have installed.

The aroma is lightly malty with a touch of citrus, not overpowering at all. It’s very gentle.

The flavor continues the crisp and clean qualities, with a little bit of bready sweetness from what feels like a standard 2-row malt, a light dusting of floral notes courtesy of Hallertauer Mittelfruh hops and a very bouncy body that is incredibly fluffy and delicious.

This beer is the style that BarrieHaus co-owner and brewmaster Jim Barrie fell in love with on his Bavarian honeymoon, and it’s easy to see why.

May it not take this long for me to head back.

Drink Florida Craft,


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