Brew Review – Cucumber Berlinerweisse by Florida Avenue Brewing @FloridaAveBrew

I love cucumbers.

Actually, my entire family loves cucumbers. In fact, one of my daughter’s favorite snacks is cucumber slices with a tiny bit of salt on top. And whenever I eat cucumber, I cannot help but think of this song:

Cucumber is also starting to make waves in Florida craft beer. I know it sounds odd, but if you think of the lighter, more tart styles like Berliner Weisse and gose, it makes sense. In fact, the cucumber gose isn’t too far off from my daughter’s favorite snack.

But if you’re looking for a cucumber beer that’s a little less ‘snack’ and a little more ‘beer,’ Florida Avenue has their Cucumber Berliner Weisse (Berliner Weisse, 4% ABV) ready to go.


It’s in wide distribution, with that beautiful Fresh From Florida label on the back, since the cucumbers were locally sourced. It was nice to know about that when I spoke to Keith Massa, Head of Sales for Florida Avenue on a previous episode of the Sunshine State Happy Hour.

Anyway, this beer hits the spot, amazingly refreshing and very much like a relaxing day at the spa. The cucumber gives this wonderfully light vegetative note to a slightly lemon-forward Berliner recipe, leaving a very clean and refreshing flavor that is not overly sour.

It’s very simple but still has the complexity to it to reward drinkers that really search for it. And it’s one of many of the new breed of cucumber beers, a trend that I definitely recommend for people to search out and that will hopefully start becoming more prevalent.

And if the cucumber beers aren’t more prevalent, then my family will be perfectly happy with just the cucumbers thank you very much.

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