Brew Review – The Red by Leaven Brewing @LeavenBrewing

There’s just something about a good quality Red Ale that makes me happy.

When releasing in cans, the imagery a brewery makes for said beer tends to be fairly obvious, at least in terms of color palette.

It’s right there in the name.

Or you could be like Leaven Brewing in Riverside and completely ignore the rules, sticking with the same color palette that they used and will always use.

It works for them. Let the beer speak for itself. And boy does The Red (Red Ale, 6.7% ABV, 30 IBU) beer speak volumes.

It’s interesting because Leaven tended to stay more on the sweeter side of the red ale than the hoppy side. But with a sweet Red Ale, the notes you tend to get most often are caramel. Whereas with The Red, it’s more like a deeper, more vibrant Vienna lager.

Not quite as enveloping on the breadiness, and there’s still a great touch of flavors maybe reminiscent of rye. But it brings a slightly roasted, more rounded, and more developed flavor than simply throwing a ton of caramel malt into the mash tun.

It was all at once amazingly surprising, very unexpected, and instantly agreeable. These are all things I’m starting to realize are par for the course with Leaven Brewing. And if that’s the kind of beers they make, the more power to them. I”m excited to try more.

At least we know what the color scheme on the cans is going to look like.

Drink Florida Craft,


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