Brew Review – Toasted Coconut Cream Ale by Pompano Beach Brewing

I’m still a bit shell-shocked by this.

Not the beer, but Pompano Beach Brewing.

It’s been so long that I’ve known Bangin’ Banjo Brewing and its co-owner and brewmaster Adam Feingold that knowing the entire concept has flipped is a little difficult to take.

Sure, Pompano Beach Brewing sounds like it fits in a little better to South Florida than Bangin’ Banjo. I’ll admit that, but I will also admit that the name was part of the charm. A little something different here in Broward County.

But here we are with Pompano Beach Brewing and, along with the name change, a bigger focus on distribution. Which is how I found myself at a taco joint assuming there would be nothing interesting on tap for me to drink, and ending up with a pint of Toasted Coconut Cream Ale (5% ABV, 20 IBU).

Let me start by saying that I love Cream Ales. Not just because of the drinkability, but for personal reasons. And if I find the chance to have a cream ale, I will usually take it.

Nobody tends to treat their cream ales, though. There was one significant brewery in South Florida that did, and now it looks like we have a toasted coconut version one as well.

I was pretty happy with how the beer came out. As per standard cream ale guidelines, it’s bright and clear and has a very light straw colored hue. The aroma bounces a bit between a candy-like coconut and a touch of very fluffy pilsner malt.

The flavor, happily enough, kept a lot of those flavors intact. It managed to get enough of the coconut involved to where it felt sweet and creamy, but not cloying. It is a welcome addition on a biscuity malt bill that was built for drinkability.

And so what could be either non-existent in flavor or super syrupy sweet ends up being a great halfway point between the two; a refreshing and tasty beer that is inviting but not so much that it can’t be sessioned. Maybe it’s time for me to let the past be the past and fully embrace Pompano Beach Brewing.

If they’re going to release beers like this, maybe that’s not hard to do.

Drink Florida Craft,


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