Brew Review – Coconut Pastelito by Beat Culture

I utterly adore Cuban Cuisine.

It’s much more than just the standard Cuban sandwich (which I am rather fond of), but an utterly mind blowing way of crafting amazing tastes and flavors with an array of ingredients that are new and novel (at least for people like me).

With those ingredients, the lineup of fruits are so much more than the standard, boring iterations I’m used to. And with those fruits, especially if we are talking about dessert, guava has to be king. Beat Culture does, as evidenced with their relatively famous guava pastelito beer.

That’s not to say they haven’t branched out any, which is how I found myself in possession of Coconut Pastelito (Milkshake IPA, 7.5% ABV).

Before I go any further, let me once again gush enthusiastically about how amazing Miami Supply Co. is doing the artwork for Beat Culture. It’s just fantastic.

But the artwork pales in comparison to how amazing the beer is. A bright color, pale as anything, snowy white head with beautiful leasing on the glass. The aroma is remarkably straight coconut pastry. You know that coconut cream filling you get with a really good dessert? That is exactly the aroma you get with this.

The flavor gets really interesting, since you immediately get this milky, creamy coconut quality that lasts pretty much the entire beer drinking experience. But it’s an IPA, and it also comes with an interesting citrus quality. It’s an orange and tangerine alpha acid pop that doesn’t necessarily fight the coconut as it does bring a little bit of something extra to the party.

The coconut here is king, however, and it’s wonderful to behold. Kind of the perfect beer for what I was eating at the time, and the flavor is just fantastic. Definitely something I’m going to look for it again, and now I have to wonder what pastelito will come next.

Both the beer and the pastry.

Drink Florida Craft,


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