Brew Review – Escoozy by Beat Culture

I have to wonder how far the name of today’s beer will travel.

Beat Culture is no stranger to using fun, quintessentially Miami phrases as the names for their beers. It’s how some of their top releases are named, and it’s how I was able to understand where the name comes from immediately once I managed to actually say the word Escoozy (Saison, 6% ABV).

Put the name on a beer in, say, Kansas, and I doubt it will fly quite as far.

The beer itself will, quite definitely. In a lot of strange ways, it’s a solid Midwestern beer. It’s a wheat Saison, and you definitely get a lot of wheat influence in the beer. There’s a hazy pale yellow color, very reminiscent of its kin the wheat ale or even a witbier. The malt bill is definitely something to discuss, since that wheat is accompanied by pilsner malt and a little bit of flaked oat.

It’s a fantastic grain bill that provides a body that is refreshingly light, very pillowy and soft, with a light touch of bready flavors. It also provides a slight velvety mouthfeel that doesn’t go so far as to completely negate the more rough aspects of a traditional saison, as much as it mitigates it nicely.

The true touch of genius here was the dry hop of Lemon Drop. It might be one of my absolute favorite hops, and when placed on such a simple and fluffy body, the result is nice and lightly sweet with a touch of citrus zing.

For having been brewed steps away from Miami International, and having such a 305-centric name, this really does feel like some of the stuff I used to get in the Midwest.

You’ll have to excuse me, I may have a plane to catch.

Drink Florida Craft,


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