Brew Review – Pastrynator by Hidden Springs Ale Works

Put a bear in lederhosen and apparently I’m hooked.

There’s a lot to unpack with this vaguely German sort of black forest melange, so away we go. First of all, I am sure I am missing something with the name Pastrynator (Doppelbock, 9% ABV).

But for some reason, the label gives me hints of Epcot and Busch Gardens Williamsburg and I feel that it should be December in a Biergarten somewhere we can eat sausages & sucking down spaetzle at an alarming rate.

It’s the fact that the bear is so realistic, not cartoony, and yet so vaguely stereotypically German that I’m having a hard time. And, of course, a gingerbread man is there, but I’m not totally concerned.

Second, and most importantly, it’s a dessert doppelbock. That’s worth noting, as I don’t think I’ve never seen that before. Usually, a beer like this would be a stout or porter, maybe a sour or even a blonde ale. Nobody generally messes with a doppelbock.

It’s just not heard of, and yet here we are.

There’s a deep ruby red color to the beer, with a big ginger hit on the aroma. Well, ginger and vanilla. It lives more on the pastry side. The flavor has a lot going for it.

You know the massive explosion you get from ginger ale? That massive spicy hit mixed with a good amount of sugary sweetness and not quite as vegetative ginger as the wicked kick from ginger beer?

That’s what you get with Pastrynator. That ginger is the first flavor you get when it first gets in your mouth, and it’s the last flavor to leave. In there with the ginger is kind of a fun dark and slightly hoppy malt bill filled with raisin and toasted bread. It’s also got nice light flavors of vanilla with a little bit of orange to really help make the pastry flavors pop.

I didn’t expect this beer for several reasons, partially because doppelbock and partially from just how enjoyable the ginger was.

And the bear, I must not forget the bear.

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